You Should Pour Hot Water on Your Cake Batter

photo: Allie ChanthornReinmann There are very few cake “improvements” that I trust right away. I’ma food skeptic by nature, and I usually stare at viral hacks and food tricks with squinted eyes until I’m convinced. That’s how I was when I assessed Renee Erickson’s peach cobbler with hot sugar crust before testing it out. Mas … Read more

How to Make Silky Sous Vide Eggs Without a Sous Vide

photo: Allie ChanthornReinmann There’s lots of content out there to help you decide what to cook with your fancy sous vide precision, immersion, circulation, sans conflagration tool, or so I’ve heard. I’ve read about all the cool things one can sous vide with tantalizing results—juicy steaks, cheesecakes, buttery lobster tailsand the silkiest of eggsit all … Read more

This Year, You Should Flambé Your American Flag Cake

Every year around mid-June my inbox is flooded with press releases for flag cake recipes, all of which boast new and exciting takes on the patriotic dessert. Usually I ignore them, because flag cakes have been done to death, but America has really outdone herself this yearand she deserves a cake—an unprecedented cake, a flag … Read more