Bold & Beautiful: Quinn Catches Eric in Bed With Donna

Bold & Beautiful: Quinn Catches Eric in Bed With Donna

At Brooke’s place, Ridge is pleasantly surprised to run into Katie. She assumes he’s going to Carter’s wedding. Ridge confirms that he is, but says the whole wedding is weird. Katie agrees. It wasn’t that long ago Paris was dating Zende and Carter was sleeping with Quinn. Ridge thinks it’s interesting that she brought up … Read more

The Young and the Restless Spoilers June 27 – July 1, 2022

In’s latest The Young and the Restless spoilers for Monday, June 27, through Friday, July 1, Victor cooks up a new scheme, Nikki receives a helping hand, Adam has both a reason to celebrate and someone with whom to do it, and Nick contemplates his future. Plus, things could get interesting when several twists … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Carter Confesss to Ridge That He’s In Love With Quinn

In the Forrester office, Ridge rails at Carter. It makes no sense for him to be marrying Paris when he’s still in love with Quinn. “Tell me I’m wrong!” At the Forrester mansion, Eric asks Quinn if she thinks Paris is the woman Carter really loves. She shrugs. It doesn’t really matter what she thinks… … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Ridge Tells Carter He Knows He’s In Love With Quinn

At Forrester Creations, Petra flirts with Zende as he and Ridge remark on the gown she’s wearing. She asks if he’s still seeing Paris. Zende concedes she’s now seeing someone else. Once Petra’s gone, Ridge asks how Zende’s doing with the whole Paris thing. Zende explains he’s not dating a lot because he wants a … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Sheila Pursues Li to a Fiery Death

At Li’s place, Sheila fumes, “So much for Finn needing his medication.” She stomps on Li’s cellphone and warns her she’s made a big mistake. More: Exclusive! John McCook reveals Y&R story he rebuffed In Brooke’s bedroom, she is has earphones in when Ridge appears and startles her. He’s glad she had the door locked. … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Sheila Turns Murderous After Li Deceives Her, Finn Asks For Steffy

At Li’s place, Finn views her and Sheila through blurry eyes and hears Li tearfully saying they’re there — both of their mothers. Finn struggles to say something. I read asks, “What is it?” Finally, he asks for Steffy, but then falls into unconsciousness again. Sheila marvels that he asked for his wife — against … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Hope Confronts Eric to Make a Decision About His Marriage

At Li’s place, she lays unconscious on the floor after being knocked out by Sheila, who strokes Finn’s face and tells him, “Mama’s right here, baby.” When Finn stops opening his eyes, Sheila panics. I read groans as she comes to her on the floor. Sheila realizes she can help and barks, “Get up. He … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Grace Complains to Ridge That Carter’s Harassing Paris

At Brooke’s place, Donna and Katie tell Hope that they came to surprise Brooke with brunch, but she wasn’t there. Hope’s glad to see them! Katie explains that she loved her time at International but she feels like a bad sister for not being there for Brooke with everything that she went through. Donna reassures … Read more