5 Tips for Finding the Right Frame for Your Art

art market Osman Can Yerebakan In the 1980s, Pictures Generation pioneer Sarah Charlesworth fostered a collaboration with downtown art framer Yasuo Minagawa. Edging her works dela with lacquer frames, her photographs ‘backgrounds seemed to bleed into their surroundings. The results were clean-cut, monochromatic sculptural works in which images energetically popped out of their flatness through … Read more

9 NFT Terms Every Art Collector Should Know

art market Mieke Marple My love affair with NFTs began at the same time I was reading linguist Amanda Montell’s Cultish: The Language of Fantatism. Her book talks about how words, especially neologisms, can be used towards cultish ends: At best, they can foster community; at worst, they can be used to brainwash. “Oh my … Read more

Why Provenance Matters to Art Collectors

art market Brian Ng The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s recent raid of the Orlando Museum of Art showed the power of provenance, or a record of an artwork’s ownership history: According to the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant, the origin stories of 25 Jean-Michel Basquiat works, which also weren’t authenticated by his estate, … Read more

How to Find the Fine Art Collectibles That Are Worth Collecting

art market Ayanna Dozier We often think of the items within a museum gift shop as just memorable souvenirs. Few would consider these works as purchasable fine art, and yet, recent blockbuster exhibitions—from Jeff Koons’s retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art to KAWS’s survey at the Brooklyn Museum—have demonstrated that fine art collectibles … Read more

What Collectors Need to Know about Buying Works on Paper

All artists have a works on paper practice. Every artist has to sketch, doodle, and map out a future work of art. But it is a robust category that also goes beyond just drawings and includes any work that uses paper as its primary surface and can include collage, photographs, water color, printmaking, etchings, and … Read more