FBI revealed records in Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie fight

FBI revealed records in Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie fight

Angelia Jolie is “desperately trying to find something new” in her ongoing fight with ex-husband Brad Pitt after allegedly suing the FBI for records that she already had, according to sources close to Pitt. The actress is believed to have filed suit against the bureau in April — anonymously, as Jane Doe — requesting documents … Read more

Netflix docu-series DB Cooper: Where Are You?! retells extraordinary case

Robert Rackstraw was a veteran with extensive military training, serving in the National Guard, the Reserve, the Army and served in one of the most decorated combat divisions in the US Army, the 1st Calvary Division, in Vietnam in 1969. He was first considered as a suspect seven years after the hijacking in 1978, with … Read more

FBI Seizes 25 Basquiat Paintings Off the Florida Museum’s Walls | Smart News

FBI agents loading Basquiat paintings into vehicles at the Orlando Museum of Art Photo by Orlando Sentinel / Getty Images Late last week, FBI agents entered the Orlando Museum of Art (OMA) and removed 25 paintings attributed to Jean-Michel Basquiat, which were on display as part of a new exhibition of the late artist’s work. … Read more

Orlando Museum of Art boss is fired after FBI seized disputed Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings

The CEO of the Orlando Museum of Art has been fired days after an FBI raid that seized an exhibit of 25 disputed artworks that were attributed to Jean-Michel Basquiat. Aaron De Groft was removed as director and CEO after the museum’s board of trustees met on Tuesday night, following the federal raid on Friday … Read more

Why Jeff Bridges shines in FX spy series ‘The Old Man’

It’s a shame that Jeff Bridges waited so long to star in a TV series — because he’s terrific in “The Old Man,” premiering Thursday, June 16 (10 pm) on FX. “The Old Man” unfolds over seven episodes, allowing creators/writers Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine adequate time to unwrap a rich, absorbing, densely plotted … Read more