She Hulk MCU Origin Story Explained By Head Writer Jessica Gao

Cousins ​​Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters. Image: marvel studios She-Hulk comic book fans might be a little confused later this week when the character finally makes her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the comics, the character’s origin happens when Jennifer Walters, successful lawyer and cousin to Bruce Banner, is shot in a mob … Read more

Spider-Man’s PC Release Reminds Us the Amazing Movie Suit Rules

Thwip.screenshot: Insomniac/Sony When Andrew Garfield’s first picture as Spider-Man was revealedwebheads around the world were agog at what has become one of the most, if not the show, controversial of Peter’s many movie customs over the years. The long spider-logo, the rubbery, basketball-esque texture, the balance between red and blue. But I can’t help but … Read more

Super Hero Anime Film Review

Image: Toei Animation/Crunchyroll ever since Dragon Ball Z aired on Toonami in 1998, the animated adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s shonen series has stood as one of the most beloved anime in the west. It’s so popular that even though there hasn’t been a new episode of Dragon Ball Super since 2018, and the film Dragon … Read more

A Review Of The Immaculate Room starring Kate Bosworth

(from left) Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth in Mukunda Michael Dewil’s The Immaculate screen media The titular space of Mukunda Michael Dewil’s heady two-hander, The Immaculate Room, lives up to its name—aesthetically, at least. With only a slim bed and a similarly sparse bench as furnishings, the expansive room is a study in brutal … Read more

The Sandman, Prey, Black Bird finale

Eleanor Fanyinka and Jenna Coleman in The Sandman; Amber Midthunder in pricephoto: Liam Daniels/Netflix; David Bukach/20th Century Studios/Hulu Welcome to the weekend edition of What’s On. Here are the big things happening on TV from Friday, August 5 to Sunday, August 7. All times are Eastern. [Note: The weekly What’s On will publish on Sundays.] … Read more

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Review

Image: Netflix When Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles began airing in 2018longtime shellheads were wary—it was a show that at first largely traded goofy, short-form teen antics for serious stories, a bold design aesthetic, and a radical re-interpretation of the franchise’s usual lore, and it shook up the series in a big way. … Read more

A Review Of DC League Of Super-Pets

(from left) Dwayne Johnson as Krypto and John Krasinski as Superman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ animated action adventure DC League Of Warner Bros. Behind every great superhero, apparently, there’s a super-pet—or there should be. Buried like a Kryptonite bone beneath all the explosions, jokes, booming music, superhero derring-do, and mega-star voices, that’s the basic … Read more

Peter Gould on Better Call Saul’s big Lalo twist

Tony Dalton in Better Call Saul season 6photo: Greg Lewis/AMC [Editor’s note: This interview contains spoilers from last night’s episode of Better Call Saul, “Point And Shoot.” Please watch the episode before reading on.] We’ve been waiting since May for Better Call Saul to summarize its sixth season—although it feels like much longer than that—especially … Read more

The Spectacular Spider-Man is On Netflix, and Worth Watching

Image: Marvel Entertainment Spider-Man is, at this point, just a constant force of nature who will outlive us all and possibly the heat death of the universe. While he’s plenty popular across films, comicsand video gamesit’s animation—and more specifically, TV animation—where some of his most enduring work lies. Of the many shows to bear his … Read more

Stranger Things 4 Depression Subplot: Not Entirely Successful

Max Mayfield’s journey through grief in Stranger Things 4 ended unjustly.Image: Netflix “If you were presented with a life threatening situation, would you make an effort to save yourself?” That’s a question a therapist might ask you after you disclose suicidal ideation. It also happens to be the thesis statement of Max Mayfield’s journey through … Read more