A Review Of The Immaculate Room starring Kate Bosworth

(from left) Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth in Mukunda Michael Dewil’s The Immaculate Room.photo: screen media The titular space of Mukunda Michael Dewil’s heady two-hander, The Immaculate Room, lives up to its name—aesthetically, at least. With only a slim bed and a similarly sparse bench as furnishings, the expansive room is a study in brutal … Read more

Season 4, Episode 8, “Que Sera, Sera”

Tessa Thompson in Westworld photo: John Johnson/HBO We end where it all began. All season long I’ve been positing that Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, and the writers’ room at Westworld were both rebooting and rehashing the thematic and storytelling threads of season one. Visually, we saw this every time “Christina” (Evan Rachel Wood) woke up, … Read more

Mad Max Furiosa Set Pictures Reveal Anya Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa

Image: Warner Bros. Meet the doomed king of Numenor in a new Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power image. Walker Scobell teases his angry take on Percy Jackson. American Horror Story sets its latest cast. Plus, what’s coming on Tales of the Walking Dead. Spoilers, away! The Regulators deadline reports a film adaptation … Read more

15 Years of the Neil Gaiman Adaptation

Stardust turns 15 years old today.Image: paramount As I sat down to revisit Matthew Vaughn’s Adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel stardust, a family friend who was visiting asked me a question. “What are you watching?” “stardust.” “What’s that?” “This fantasy movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert DeNiro.” “I’ve never heard of it.” “Henry Cavill … Read more

An Interview With Lee Pace For Bodies Bodies Bodies

(from left) Rachel Sennott and Lee Pace in Halina Reijn’s Bodies Bodies Bodies.photo: A24 Lee Pace has ventured from Middle-earth (as elven ruler Thranduil in Peter Jackson’s hobbit films) to the stars (as Ronan The Accuser in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) during his big-screen career. But with his latest movie, Bodies Bodies Bodiesa knives-out character … Read more

An Interview With Bodies Bodies Bodies’ Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg in Haline Reijn’s Bodies Bodies Bodies.photo: A24 Amandla Sternberg was barely a teenager when she appeared opposite Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games. Since then, she’s gone on to establish herself as one of the most promising actresses of her peer group, with a stirring performance in The Hate U Givein addition to … Read more

Movies that began in Japan

(from left) Edge Of Tomorrow (Warner Bros.); The Ring (Paramount Pictures); The Magnificent Seven (Warner Bros.).Image: Todd Gilchrist/Warner Bros.; Paramount Pictures; Warner Bros. bullet train will surely be number one—with a bullet—at the box office this weekend. How could it not be, with a cast that includes Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Bad Bunny, Brian Tyree … Read more

The Sandman, Prey, Black Bird finale

Eleanor Fanyinka and Jenna Coleman in The Sandman; Amber Midthunder in pricephoto: Liam Daniels/Netflix; David Bukach/20th Century Studios/Hulu Welcome to the weekend edition of What’s On. Here are the big things happening on TV from Friday, August 5 to Sunday, August 7. All times are Eastern. [Note: The weekly What’s On will publish on Sundays.] … Read more

An Interview With Bodies Bodies Bodies’ Maria Bakalova

(from left) Maria Bakalova and Amandla Stenberg in Bodies Bodies Bodies.photo: A24 Not many actors get to experience the type of rocket ride that Maria Bakalova did with 2020’s Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. She was not merely catapulted to a celebrity by way of her role as Tutar Sagdiyev, the teenage daughter of Sacha Baron Cohen’s … Read more

A Review Of Apple+’s Luck

(from left) Bob (voiced by Simon Pegg) and Sam Greenfield (voiced by Eva Noblezada) in luck.photo: Apple+ Hugely innovative on both a technological and narrative level, Pixar helped advance the medium of animation, and destroy once and for all the notion that mainstream animated films couldn’t be complex and ambitious without alienating or excluding their … Read more