Daily Harvest fans claim lentil crumble sent them to the ER

Smoothies are supposed to be a healthy meal replacement, but some who drink Daily Harvest claim they’re getting just the opposite. The customizable, direct-to-consumer smoothie company has issued a recall of their plant-based, protein-packed “Crumbles” made of leeks and lentils after several customers reported abdominal discomfort, allegedly leading to ER visits and even a gallbladder … Read more

Cheerios cereal making people sick: reports

Another breakfast staple is being blamed for causing upset stomachs — leading to plenty of belly-aching. Cheerios cereal could be making consumers vomit and giving them diarrhea, according to a growing number of complaints funneling into iwaspoisoned.com, a platform that tracks food-borne illnesses. The new reports involving Cheerios come on the heels of a massive … Read more