The Best Ways to Use Up Old Spices

The Best Ways to Use Up Old Spices

photo: Vovantarakan (shutterstock) If you’re anything like me, you have, over the course of your adult life, collected an extensive supply of spices in your kitchen, many of which you purchased and then used exactly one time. Then one day, you look at your spice rack and notice a thick layer of dust on those … Read more

Chicago’s Favorite Hot Pepper, Explained

photo: Brent Hofacker (shutterstock) Every Chicagoan can pretty much recite the toppings to a Chicago-style hot dog by memory: yellow mustard, diced onions, tomato slices, neon green relish, a pickle spear, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt. It’s a lot, but in concert, there’s nothing like this vibrant combination of condiments on a … Read more

Use This ‘Test’ to Tell if a Restaurant Is Any Good

photo: Aleksei Isachenko (shutterstock) I recently needed to have a new headlight installed in my Prius, since it seemed unwise to drive around New Orleans on only one beam. While waiting to find out how long the repair would take, I crossed the street to La Boulangerie, a French bakery and cafe owned by chef … Read more

Your Next Hot Dog Deserves a Bánh Mì Treatment

photo: Allie ChanthornReinmann This is an urgent hot dog public service announcement: You need to bath my next dog. Immediately. Forget the mustard and the relish, and prep some pickled daikon and carrots instead. This is, legitimately, the best way to eat a hot dog. After I was done rubbing my belly from happiness, I … Read more

Eat This Ultra-Creamy Baba Ganoush Dip With Everything

eggplant doesn’t have a strong foothold in American cuisine, and that needs to change. I’m surprised by how many adults I’ve met who’ve never eaten it, and others who won’t touch the stuff unless it’s covered in marinara and mozzarella. I love eggplant parm as much as the next girl, but there’s so much more … Read more

You Should Make This No-churn Pop-Tart Ice Cream

photo: Allie ChanthornReinmann I recently wrote about the summer’s best Pop-Tart prep technique–freezing them–and it seems like that just wasn’t cold enough for Lifehacker readers. Frozen Pop-Tarts are deliciously cool, but never freeze to an icy state. This makes it tough to challenge ice cream for the top spot in the imaginary rankings of cold … Read more

Food Expiration Dates Aren’t Based on Science. Here’s What You Can Do Instead

Florida’s outbreak of list has so far led to at least one death, 22 hospitalizations and an ice cream recall since January. Humans get sick with listeria infections, or listeriosis, from eating soil-contaminated food, undercooked meat or dairy products that are raw, or unpasteurized. Listeria can cause convulsions, coma, miscarriage and birth defects. And it’s … Read more

You Should Pour Hot Water on Your Cake Batter

photo: Allie ChanthornReinmann There are very few cake “improvements” that I trust right away. I’ma food skeptic by nature, and I usually stare at viral hacks and food tricks with squinted eyes until I’m convinced. That’s how I was when I assessed Renee Erickson’s peach cobbler with hot sugar crust before testing it out. Mas … Read more

How to Choose the Best Cheese for Any Burger

yesterday, I read an article that claimed brie was the “best” cheese to put on your burger. I was, frankly, a little stunned. I’m a big fan of brie, and a big fan of the big pan of briebut the “best” burger cheese is not. “Best” is a weird word to begin with. A lot … Read more

The Best Ways to Eat Pineapple on Pizza

Hear me out: pineapple pizza can be good, no matter what my favorite linebacker says. Okay, have those of us who needed to do so returned from screaming into a pillow? Good. Let’s get Canadian. I make The lot of Pizza, and thanks to the preferences of the people in my life, a lot of … Read more