Lab Grown Fishsticks Are One Step Closer to Your Dinner Plate

Believe it or not, the fish sticks available in the frozen food sections of most supermarkets actually do come from a dead animal. One day in the future though, that may no longer be true. Seafood made without the sea is gaining ground in the ever-growing “cultured meat” world. Bluu Seafood, a German company, has … Read more

Animation Pioneer Will Vinton Documentary Review

Image: Oscilloscope Labs ClaydreamMarq Evans’ new documentary about animator Will Vintonaddresses the elephant in the room immediately: yes, this is the guy who lost his company to his most deep-pocketed investor, Nike founder Phil Knight. It’s something that looms over the film, but it’s not the only melancholy element that colors this portrait of Vinton’s … Read more

The Art of Prophecy Brings Martial War Artists to Their Knees

Ling Taishi, my beloved murder momma.Image: Penguin Random House The legendary war artist Ling Taishi watches the teenaged prophesied hero of her nation, Wen Jian, perform in an over-decorated gladiatorial arena, she quickly realizes that the boy is the worst of all possible outcomes. A deluded, over-indulged, under-trained teenage dirtbag. So much for being the … Read more

Taylor Swift: A Relatable, Carbon-Emitting Queen

photo: Dimitrios Kambouris (Getty Images) Isn’t it annoying when your friends borrow your private jet and rack up a truly obscene amount of carbon emissions? Happens to me all the time. Last week, a Rolling Stone piece outlined the biggest celebrity private jet users, based on data culled by sustainability marketing firm Yard. At the … Read more

Westworld Fidelity Recap: Season 4 Episode 6

screenshot: HBO “I only know what I tell me.” This short, stunning line of dialogue is spoken by Caleb (Aaron Paul) to Caleb (still Aaron Paul), both of whom—along with many other Calebs—are in a unique hell in “Fidelity.” He’s already faced the devastating news that he failed to stop Hale (Tessa Thompson) from taking … Read more

Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek’s Uhura, Passed Away at Age 89

Image: paramount Nichelle Nichols, the original actor of Star Trek’s Nyota Uhura, has passed away on Saturday, July 30. The news broke on the actor’s Instagram account, as announced by her son, Kyle Johnson. “I regret to inform you that a great light in the firmament no longer shines for us as it has for … Read more

Celebrity Voice Acting Needs to Evolve or Die

Image: WB Animation The big movie of the weekend is the CG animated film DC’s League of Super Pets, which famously stars a range of actors, headlined by Kevin Hart and eventual Black Adam Dwayne Johnson. Super Pets Disney’s joins lightyear from earlier this month, along with the now finally released Paws of Fury, in … Read more

The Simpsons Movie, Now 15 Years Old, Was Always a Sure Thing

Image: Disney/20th Century Studios Is there a family in media who’s persisted quite so much as The Simpsons? Matt Groening’s five-person (and one dog!) family of yellow oddballs has been going on strong since 1989, as long as some of our parents have been married, if not alive altogether. Depending on who you are, time … Read more

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Review

Image: Netflix When Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles began airing in 2018longtime shellheads were wary—it was a show that at first largely traded goofy, short-form teen antics for serious stories, a bold design aesthetic, and a radical re-interpretation of the franchise’s usual lore, and it shook up the series in a big way. … Read more

“Zhuangzi” Season 4 Episode 5

photo: John Johnson/HBO After last week’s stunning, mind-bending episode, Westworld could have taken it easy this week. But after its lackluster third season, the show has returned to its roots of heady, thoughtful science fiction, and clearly has no intention of pulling up and retreating. While tonight’s episode isn’t as thrilling as last week’s installment, … Read more