Remembering David McCullough – The Atlantic

Two years ago, I happened to come across an interview with David McCullough in the Vineyard Gazette, his hometown newspaper. I still have it, printed out and placed in a folder in my desk drawer. I kept it because, as was so often the case, McCullough had said something that I wanted to remember. “There … Read more

Mike Judge’s Secret Art of Satire

On March 8, 1993, “Beavis and Butt-Head” premiered on MTV. The show’s title characters—two gross, immature, violent, strangely lovable, and very American teen-agers—were like little else onscreen. Each episode involved the pair idling around their Texas town, indulging in petty acts of vandalism and moronic conversations. In between these adventures, they watched TV and made … Read more

Diane Keaton Spills Details on Why She Has Dated So Many of Her Co-Stars

diane Keaton is sitting in the rooftop bar of one Rome’s most exclusive hotels. She is offered a glass of water but she wrinkles her nose. “I think we’ll have a real drink,” says the 76-year-old Oscar-winner before two glasses of Lillet, a French aperitif, arrive at the table. As we clink our glasses in … Read more

$ucideboy$’ sobriety is a renewal of spirit and promise

The sun won’t stop shining on $uicideboy$. With the release of their 47th project, they couldn’t be more proud of how far they’ve come. Aristos “Ruby da Cherry” Petrou and Scott “$crim” Arcenaux Jr. have walked a long road since beginning $uicideboy$ in 2014. The two cousins ​​cemented themselves as heroes of early SoundCloud and … Read more

Relive Foxy, the Legendary Late-1990s New York Queer Party, Through These Never-Before-Published Photographs

The door fee for Saturday night at the Cock was $5, and Irene never let anyone in for free, but she took your money with a smile. It was a steep price to pay to get into an East Village gay bar in the late 1990s, but it was worth it, even though the place—not … Read more


With the success of Stranger Things comes imitation, such as the comic-style art on the poster for The Bloody Manwhich is not only in the same genre, but also gathers stars from Nightmare on Elm Street! There are a lot of times where an actor or actress will stick to a specific genre in their … Read more

‘I Think a Lot of People Misjudged Me’: Tracey Emin Opens Up About Aging, Love, and the Art Scenes That Shut Her Out

It has been just over a year since Tracey Emin was given the all clear from bladder cancer. Following a period of recovery from an extensive surgery, the artist is finally out of bed. So far out of bed, in fact, that I had to trek across a forest in Scotland to meet her. We … Read more