‘The Old Man’ Proves Jeff Bridges Still Kicks Plenty of Ass

production on The Old Man was temporarily halted in 2020 by both the pandemic and star Jeff Bridges’ cancer diagnosis, and although the actor’s disease is now in remission, those calamities speak directly—too directly, really—to the questions about mortality at the heart of FX’s latest series. Premiering on June 16, Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert … Read more

Why Jeff Bridges shines in FX spy series ‘The Old Man’

It’s a shame that Jeff Bridges waited so long to star in a TV series — because he’s terrific in “The Old Man,” premiering Thursday, June 16 (10 pm) on FX. “The Old Man” unfolds over seven episodes, allowing creators/writers Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine adequate time to unwrap a rich, absorbing, densely plotted … Read more

Jeff Bridges faces the past in The Old Man

Jeff Bridges as Dan Chase in The Old Manphoto: Prashant Gupta/FX There is an old storytelling rule that when it comes to books or movies, nobody poops. A bathroom trip is a violation of Chekhov’s gun principle, wherein all details must contribute to the overall narrative. Also, nobody wants to see that shit. yet The … Read more