Harry and Meghan should learn from exile of Wallis, Edward VIII

The Duke of Windsor died in May 1972 — just over 50 years ago — after almost 40 years spent in exile from the Royal Family. It’s an exile that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should perhaps study — because the parallels between the marital lives of the two couples is uncanny. The future … Read more

You’re not crazy, wine pours at restaurants are shrinking

When international investor Brian Hogan took an important client to a favorite Midtown restaurant last month, he hoped to impress him. His guest ordered a Chablis by the glass rather than the bottle, and the sommelier poured it with due deference. But, when the usually mild-mannered client looked down at his glass, he was shocked … Read more

Daily Harvest fans claim lentil crumble sent them to the ER

Smoothies are supposed to be a healthy meal replacement, but some who drink Daily Harvest claim they’re getting just the opposite. The customizable, direct-to-consumer smoothie company has issued a recall of their plant-based, protein-packed “Crumbles” made of leeks and lentils after several customers reported abdominal discomfort, allegedly leading to ER visits and even a gallbladder … Read more

Behind the scenes of famous photos

Paul Natkin got his start as a photographer in a most illicit way: The Chicago native snuck into a 1980 Bonnie Raitt concert — camera and equipment in hand — under the bogus pretense of having a press pass waiting for him inside. He worked, and he fell in love with music photography, eventually making … Read more

How an NYC restaurateur survived his tangles with the mafia

When Stratis Morfogen opened his first Manhattan diner in the 1990s, he had no intention of one day telling a member of John Gotti Jr.’s crew to “go f–k themselves.” But for “The Golden Greek” — a nickname Morfogen earned from his mob contacts for his money-making ways — standing up to the mafia became … Read more

You’re in the top 1 percent if you can spot the hidden celeb in this optical illusion

Can you spot the well-known face in this black-and-white grid? It’s difficult to see, but a celeb’s portrait is hidden among the dots that make up the brain-frazzling optical illusion. SCROLL DOWN FOR THE ANSWER There are a few tricks to help you see the obscured star – from the device shaking it’s displayed on … Read more

Prince Charles & William team up against Andrew in power shift

Prince Charles, his son Prince William and their respective spouses — Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Kate Middleton — were seen sharing a joke during a carriage ride Monday. Looking very regal, the heir to the throne and his son were clad in their velvet robes, resplendent for the Order of the Garter ceremony at … Read more

I was born with half a heart, it looks like ‘cookie dough’

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after sharing that she was born with half a heart. Jessica Manning from New Zealand diagnosed with several heart defects from the time of her birth and age has been 200 surgeries since 3. By her 3rd birthday, she had already had two open-heart surgeries, and went under … Read more

Prince Harry wants apology from family: royal expert

A “furious” Prince Harry will likely want “an apology” amid reports he was royally snubbed by Queen Elizabeth II and company at last week’s Platinum Jubilee, according to self-proclaimed royal expert Angela Levin. “I think he would have been very, very upset that he was largely ignored,” the noted Prince Harry and Camilla Parker Bowles … Read more