‘The Resort’ Is the New Summer Mystery That Could Be the Next ‘White Lotus’

Did you love the dazzling rom-com palm springs? Similarly, are you obsessed with Cristin Milioti’s endless charm in projects like How I Met Your Mother and Made For Love? Were you a big fan of The Good Place? And, most importantly, booksmart hive, do you wish you owned one of those Jared wearing a Jared … Read more

HBO’s ‘Industry’ Season 2 Is as Sexy, Druggy, and Gripping as Ever

“Isn’t it lucky that no one’s ever satisfied?” says Eric Tao, played by Ken Leung, to junior colleagues Harper Stern (Myha’la Herrold) and Rishi Ramdani (Sagar Radia) before bursting into laughter in Industry Season 2. This cynical yet gleeful observation might as well be the tagline for the HBO television series, which returns on Aug. … Read more

‘Primal’ Is the Most Underrated Animated Series on TV and Puts ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ to Shame

primal‘s first comprehensible word is not uttered until the closing frames of its Season 1 finale, and yet few animation efforts speak—or should I say, roar—louder than Genndy Tartakovsky’s prehistoric fantasy, whose stylish storytelling is so superb, and sneakily moving , that dialogue would only diminish its raw, purposeful power. Originally premiering in October 2019, … Read more

‘What We Do in the Shadow’s’ Season 4 Is Absurdly Entertaining

Change is difficult for all the characters (living and undead) in What We Do in the Shadows, if not, thankfully, for the series itself, which remains as sharp and witty as ever in its fourth season (July 12). Even as it charts new ground, FX’s hit continues to be TV’s most absurdly entertaining half-hour comedy, … Read more

‘Only Murders in the Building’ Is Back to Lift Your Spirits With a Star-Studded Season 2

According to absurd theater director-turned-murder podcaster Oliver Putnam (Martin Short), memory is equal parts objective reality and subjective perception, and the great second season of Only Murders in the Building (June 28) proves that both can be relied upon to assess Short and Steve Martin’s hit Hulu series. As clever, charming and funny as anything … Read more

The Real Housewives Get Into a Heated Fight Over Vaccines on ‘Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip’ Season 2

After a tepid inaugural season, which included some uninspired casting choices, forgettable beefs and too many party games, The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip (this time, subtitled Former Wives Club) is back with a tighter premise, a more dynamic cast of all-stars, and an iconic, historic setting at Dorinda Medley’s Blue Stone Manor—“You don’t touch … Read more

‘POSER’ Is the Eerie, Sinister Indie Psychodrama Everyone Should See

the film poser, directed by Ori Segev and Noah Dixon, opens with the main character, Lennon Gates (played by Sylvie Mix), standing shyly near three artists who are analyzing a painting at an art gallery. After the three artists department, Lennon unfolds a magazine to reveal that her phone dela was recording their conversation. This … Read more

‘The Kardashians’ Season Finale Deprives Us of Pete Davidson Once More

On Thursday, the first season of Hulu’s The Kardashians came to a close with a finale focused on the saddest and least interesting drama in the Kardashian Kanon: Tristan Thompson’s relentless infidelity. The inaugural season of the famous family’s new docusoap has seen Khloe and Tristan happily co-parenting their daughter, True, and preparing to move … Read more

‘The Old Man’ Proves Jeff Bridges Still Kicks Plenty of Ass

production on The Old Man was temporarily halted in 2020 by both the pandemic and star Jeff Bridges’ cancer diagnosis, and although the actor’s disease is now in remission, those calamities speak directly—too directly, really—to the questions about mortality at the heart of FX’s latest series. Premiering on June 16, Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert … Read more

Ziwe’s Talk Show Is Beating the Jimmys at Their Own Game

I found Ziwe like so many did, through the viral clips that consistently make rounds on Twitter. The clips all have the same vibe: Ziwe, looking consistently beautiful in the trendiest fashion and full glam, sitting in her entirely millennial-pink talk show set, stares down a squirming celebrity. Ziwe is not just asking the hard … Read more