Nickelodeon Star Jennette McCurdy’s Memoir Isn’t a Juicy Child Star Tell-All. It’s Better.

On August 9, the day her much-hyped memoir was released, Jennette McCurdy participated in a Q&A session in Brooklyn, NY. Much of the crowd was there for one purpose: They loved the actress-turned-author on Nickelodeon shows Icarly and Sam and Cat, both of which aired nearly a decade ago or more now. McCurdy was a … Read more

‘I Am Groot’ Is a Delightful Marvel Superhero Kids Snack

Disney+ hasn’t just allowed Marvel to expand its interconnected universe—it’s afforded the studio an opportunity to both branch out into diverse genres and styles, such as the recent Ms. Marvel, which took a Disney Channel tween-sitcom approach to the MCU’s trademark formula, as well as to integrate animation into its fold. The latter is a … Read more

Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ Is One Terribly Boring Fantasy Series

Plans for a screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s celebrated DC/Vertigo graphic novel series The Sandman have been around for almost as long as the three-decades-old title itself. Following numerous starts and stops, Netflix has finally delivered with The Sandmana ten-part venture (Aug. 5) starring Tom Sturridge as the title character, who’s also known as Dream … Read more

‘The Resort’ Is the New Summer Mystery That Could Be the Next ‘White Lotus’

Did you love the dazzling rom-com palm springs? Similarly, are you obsessed with Cristin Milioti’s endless charm in projects like How I Met Your Mother and Made For Love? Were you a big fan of The Good Place? And, most importantly, booksmart hive, do you wish you owned one of those Jared wearing a Jared … Read more

‘Riverdale’ Season 6 Finale Just Aired the Wildest TV Twist I’ve Ever Heard Of

There is nothing lazier and more boring than when a long-running show is in the news, and someone says in catty disbelief, “That show’s still on?!” There is nothing more thrilling, however, than to direct the long-running series is still airing, and that is what they’re doing on it now?!?! The events of the Season … Read more

HBO’s ‘Industry’ Season 2 Is as Sexy, Druggy, and Gripping as Ever

“Isn’t it lucky that no one’s ever satisfied?” says Eric Tao, played by Ken Leung, to junior colleagues Harper Stern (Myha’la Herrold) and Rishi Ramdani (Sagar Radia) before bursting into laughter in Industry Season 2. This cynical yet gleeful observation might as well be the tagline for the HBO television series, which returns on Aug. … Read more

Amazon’s ‘Paper Girls’ Could Be the Next ‘Stranger Things’

If you were 12 years old and had to cast an older version of yourself for a TV show, which celebrity would you choose? It’s a question the cast of Paper Girls had to ponder as the show spans across three decades—the ’80s, the ’90s, and today’s time—meeting their older selves, like the movie 13 … Read more

‘Rap Sh!t’ Just Gave Us TV’s Best Scene About What It Means to Be F*ckable

in Rap Sh!t, insecure creator Issa Rae’s new HBO Max show, everyone is watching each other. Shawna (Aida Osman), a hotel receptionist holding onto old dreams of breaking into the rap scene, watches videos of her old collaborators on her laptop at work. She decides to start a group with her former friend dela Mia … Read more

‘Primal’ Is the Most Underrated Animated Series on TV and Puts ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ to Shame

primal‘s first comprehensible word is not uttered until the closing frames of its Season 1 finale, and yet few animation efforts speak—or should I say, roar—louder than Genndy Tartakovsky’s prehistoric fantasy, whose stylish storytelling is so superb, and sneakily moving , that dialogue would only diminish its raw, purposeful power. Originally premiering in October 2019, … Read more

How HBO ‘The Rehearsal’ Star Nathan Fielder Became the Sexiest Man on TV

Midway through 2022, an unlikely sex symbol has appeared on the horizon: Nathan Fielder. Blazoned across the front cover of new York magazine’s recent TV issue, salt-and-pepper chest hair on show, Fielder stars down the viewer. It’s a dare, testing to see who breaks the gauze first—and it won’t be you. The longer you look … Read more