An Interview With Lee Pace For Bodies Bodies Bodies

(from left) Rachel Sennott and Lee Pace in Halina Reijn’s Bodies Bodies A24 Lee Pace has ventured from Middle-earth (as elven ruler Thranduil in Peter Jackson’s hobbit films) to the stars (as Ronan The Accuser in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) during his big-screen career. But with his latest movie, Bodies Bodies Bodiesa knives-out character … Read more

A Review Of Olivia De Paolis’ The Lost Girls

(from left) Emily Carey as Wendy and Louis Partridge as Peter Pan in The Lost Vertical Entertainment Most individuals in the writing and creative fields generally believe that public domain is a good thing. It prevents eternal profiteering, allows for the occasional brilliant reinterpretation, and provides for greater distribution of literary works to the … Read more