The Easiest Thai Chicken Skewers Ever

photo: Allie ChanthornReinmann When I was a kid, my mom would occasionally make chicken satay. This herby, nutty, spiced “chicken on a stick” was a favorite of mee and my brothers. Sadly, satay was only for special occasions, and, being the youngest, I still harbor the suspicion that I didn’t get as many as they … Read more

How to Order a Drink at a Bar Without Sounding Like an Idiot

photo: bogdanhoda (shutterstock) From weddings to breweries to barbecues to plain ol’ bars, alcohol is everywhere. Drinking is a ubiquitous part of our culture, and while it’s easy to stick with the drinks that you know, you might want to learn more about them (or you may be a seasoned drinker and still not know … Read more

Use This ‘Test’ to Tell if a Restaurant Is Any Good

photo: Aleksei Isachenko (shutterstock) I recently needed to have a new headlight installed in my Prius, since it seemed unwise to drive around New Orleans on only one beam. While waiting to find out how long the repair would take, I crossed the street to La Boulangerie, a French bakery and cafe owned by chef … Read more

Your Next Hot Dog Deserves a Bánh Mì Treatment

photo: Allie ChanthornReinmann This is an urgent hot dog public service announcement: You need to bath my next dog. Immediately. Forget the mustard and the relish, and prep some pickled daikon and carrots instead. This is, legitimately, the best way to eat a hot dog. After I was done rubbing my belly from happiness, I … Read more

Eat This Ultra-Creamy Baba Ganoush Dip With Everything

eggplant doesn’t have a strong foothold in American cuisine, and that needs to change. I’m surprised by how many adults I’ve met who’ve never eaten it, and others who won’t touch the stuff unless it’s covered in marinara and mozzarella. I love eggplant parm as much as the next girl, but there’s so much more … Read more

What If You Made Oatmeal in Your Rice Cooker?

photo: Allie ChanthornReinmann Oatmeal lovers, I have good news for you. if you got excited when overnight oats were added to your groat repertoire, you might not be able to contain yourself when you find out there is yet another way to prepare them. Because it turns out that, under the right conditions, oatmeal can … Read more

What Makes Turkish Coffee So Unique?

photo: Hoang Samuelson I recently dine at Lebanese spot Nicholas Restaurantwhere I ordered a classic Turkish coffee. The server presented us with a small, beautiful gold coffee carafe on a tray with two servings of cream and two espresso cups. It was my first time trying this coffee and I was stunned by how good … Read more

You Should Make This No-churn Pop-Tart Ice Cream

photo: Allie ChanthornReinmann I recently wrote about the summer’s best Pop-Tart prep technique–freezing them–and it seems like that just wasn’t cold enough for Lifehacker readers. Frozen Pop-Tarts are deliciously cool, but never freeze to an icy state. This makes it tough to challenge ice cream for the top spot in the imaginary rankings of cold … Read more

You Should Pour Hot Water on Your Cake Batter

photo: Allie ChanthornReinmann There are very few cake “improvements” that I trust right away. I’ma food skeptic by nature, and I usually stare at viral hacks and food tricks with squinted eyes until I’m convinced. That’s how I was when I assessed Renee Erickson’s peach cobbler with hot sugar crust before testing it out. Mas … Read more

How to Make Silky Sous Vide Eggs Without a Sous Vide

photo: Allie ChanthornReinmann There’s lots of content out there to help you decide what to cook with your fancy sous vide precision, immersion, circulation, sans conflagration tool, or so I’ve heard. I’ve read about all the cool things one can sous vide with tantalizing results—juicy steaks, cheesecakes, buttery lobster tailsand the silkiest of eggsit all … Read more