Mad Max Furiosa Set Pictures Reveal Anya Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa

Mad Max Furiosa Set Pictures Reveal Anya Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa

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Yiyun Li’s Latest Reveals The Reader’s Writer

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Stephen King testifies for government in books merger trial

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bestselling author Stephen King gingerly stepped up to the witness stand Tuesday in a federal antitrust trial. Tracing his own history, he laid out a portrait of a publishing industry that has become increasingly concentrated over the years while richly rewarding his creative endeavors. “My name is Stephen King. I’m a freelance … Read more

25 Best Horror Books of All Time

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Blade Runner and The Thing Premiered on the Same Day in 1982

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A Review Of The BlackPhone

Madison Thames (center) stars as Finney Shaw, a boy communicating with past victims of the serial killer who kidnapped him, in The Black Universal Pictures Based on a short story by Joe Hill, The Black Phone hits a sweet spot regarding its subject matter, its setting, its tone, and its star that should allow … Read more