‘The Boys’ Finally Vindicates the Goofy ‘Spider-Man 3’ Dance

“Aren’t we done yet?” asked one spider man 3 reviewer in 2007. Like he was already waiting for this to be over. (In hindsight—and two more Spider-Man actors plus about 735 superhero films later—how adorable.) Too many villains, a longer runtime, a soapy amnesia plot, and a goofy dance sequence contributed to Spidey fatigue. Cut … Read more

Ezra Miller’s a Public Menace. Why Are They Still The Flash?

It’s no secret that the DC Extended Universe has a major casting problem. But the ongoing saga involving The Flash star Ezra Miller and the series of abuse and harassment allegations they’ve accrued over the past year—most recently, grooming—might be the biggest moral conundrum the film franchise has yet to face. Back in April, an … Read more