For Some Collectors, Rashid Johnson’s Work Has Become a Symbol of Access and Influence. How High Can His Prices Go?

With Art Basel in the rear view, Thert-world insiders traded the belle-époque rooms of the Trois Rois hotel for top-deck cabins on their summer yachts, and Hauser and Wirth hosted a reception for Rashid Johnson’s latest solo show at its Mediterranean outpost in Menorca. (Read our review of the show here.) The 45-year-old artist’s recognizable … Read more

Louise Nevelson Was Once as Famous as Andy Warhol. Here’s Why Her Market by her Has Lagged So Far Behind Her Peers

Louise Nevelson, best known for her monochromatic painted wood sculptures, is considered one of the most important postwar artists—but her market has only recently begun to catch up. During her lifetime, Nevelson—a woman with an incredible sense of personal style, which was also a part of her work—was as famous as Andy Warhol. In the … Read more