You Should Pour Hot Water on Your Cake Batter

photo: Allie ChanthornReinmann There are very few cake “improvements” that I trust right away. I’ma food skeptic by nature, and I usually stare at viral hacks and food tricks with squinted eyes until I’m convinced. That’s how I was when I assessed Renee Erickson’s peach cobbler with hot sugar crust before testing it out. Mas … Read more

This Year, You Should Flambé Your American Flag Cake

Every year around mid-June my inbox is flooded with press releases for flag cake recipes, all of which boast new and exciting takes on the patriotic dessert. Usually I ignore them, because flag cakes have been done to death, but America has really outdone herself this yearand she deserves a cake—an unprecedented cake, a flag … Read more

You Should Make This Ripoff Papa Johns Garlic Sauce at Home

photo: Dennis Lee I am obsessed with Papa Johns Special Garlic Srise. I usually order an extra cup (if not more) to dip my crust into, and if I don’t it all up with my pizzaI’ll save the additional tubs for frozen pizzas later. That being said, I don’t order Papa Johns oftenmostly because we … Read more

How to Grill the Perfect Hot Dog

photo: Stephen Johnson/North Hills Hot Dog League It’s summertime, people, and that means heat rash, going to work even though it’s a really nice day, and grilling hot dogs! The humble frankfurter may have been invented in Germany, but it has become a distinctly American food—according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Councilin 2020, … Read more