The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall For The Wrong Person During Moon Trine Uranus, June 2 – 3, 2022

Three zodiac signs completely miss the red flags they see and then fall for the wrong person during the Moon trine Uranus, June 2 – 3, 2022.

One of the traits that comes with today’s interesting transit, Moon trine Uranus, is the ability to think fast and do faster.

This could lead to impulsive behavior or thinking we are right simply because we haven’t really thought things through.

So, during Moon trine Uranus, we will see people throw themselves into things, like commitments, plans, ideas, and conversations — and the result will turn out to be something like the person saying to themselves afterward, “I should have thought that through . Hmm.”

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This is the transit that makes people fall for the wrong person. And it’s not like we need any help in that department, as we generally do go about our romantic lives somewhat haphazardly, but this time… it’s worse. What we think is the promised land of romance and love will turn out to be a lesson in ‘how to NOT make that mistake again.’

Another prime example of what this transit potentially does to certain signs of the Zodiac is that it makes us feel comfortable with our choices, no matter how bad they are. It’s like an instant justification happens.

Whatever we do, whoever we decide to spontaneously get involved with, we see only positivity and a green light. In other words, we politely kid ourselves. Because we think we’re right, we dive headfirst into all the wrong moves.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall For The Wrong Person During Moon Trine Uranus on June 2 – 3, 2022

1. Virgo

(August 23 – September 22)


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