The final lineup for the Sea Otter Classic Summit by Life Time has been confirmed

Life Time and Life Time Sea Otter Classic presented by Continental have announced eight new speakers who will share their knowledge at the inaugural Sea Otter Classic Summit, April 5-7.

“This lineup includes leaders from a variety of backgrounds in the outdoor recreation sector, including government officials, prominent business leaders, academics, metaverse entrepreneurs and visionaries.”

The new additions are:

  • Dennis ‘DJ’ Jenson of MidOcean Partners
  • Claudia Wasko, CEO, Bosch eBike Systems, Americas
  • Dirk Lueth, CEO of Upland
  • Omnitalk’s Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga
  • Divya Brown, President of Taxa Outdoors
  • Tiffany Smith, Chief Development Officer, Camber Outdoors
  • Kim Miller, CEO, SCARPA North America

Jil Littlejon Bostick, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Katy Friesz, VP of Corporate Responsibility at Winnebago

“For outdoor recreation brands large and small, the Sea Otter Classic Summit serves as an amazing opportunity to define a new era of business,” said Kimo Seymour, Life Time’s President of Events and Media.

“We have selected speakers to share insights on what lies ahead and how to prioritize trends and strategies that will drive responsible growth and brand impact. The timing of the Summit also provides an incredible opportunity for brands, many of whom are participating in the Sea Otter Classic, to connect directly with their shared consumers for the first time in 24 months.”

The summit will open with keynote speaker, ‘futurist’ Chris Riddell. Riddell’s presentation will set the tone for expansion at the summit, from the ever-changing global economy and consumer evolution that is driving continuous change in business.

Following Riddell is a panel exploring the active role of the outdoor recreation community in shaping policy, scaling climate change, and creating inclusive outdoor experiences through public and private partnerships.

The discussion will be moderated by Katie Hawkins, Outdoor Alliance’s California Program Manager and California Outdoor Recreation Commissioner. The panel includes Wade Crowfoot, Secretary of the California Agency of Natural Resources; Marc Berejka, Director, Community Advocacy & Impact, REI Co-op; and Vipe Desai, Executive Director of the Surfing Industry Members Association.

Executives will learn about the new hubs of e- and micro-mobility development opportunities in a series of executive presentations, starting with Dennis ‘DJ’ Jenson of MidOcean Partners. This presentation will highlight the growth opportunities and rapid adoption of electric platforms in the outdoor recreation business and consumer landscape.

From there, Fox Racing CEO Jeff McGuane will share why Fox Racing is about to embark on its biggest growth curve to date in terms of e-bike and e-moto. Also included in this session will be Claudia Wasko, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, America, connecting the importance of e- and micro-mobility to greater consumer participation in health and outdoor recreation.

Dirk Lueth, CEO of Upland, a “diverse and rapidly evolving metaverse,” will provide an executive overview of how an organization can evolve from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Lueth will also teach guests about creating a Web 3.0 presence during his presentation.

Omnitalk’s Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga will ‘provide outdoor recreation leaders with a playbook on consumer behavior and the evolution of the retail channel.’

The pair will offer a point-to-point session from five of the most talked-about headliners in retail, direct from the popular Omnitalk podcast and media presence.

Next up will be Wes Allen, Principal of specialty outdoor retailer Sunlight Sports and former President of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance. It will integrate macro retail and distribution trends and news into the outdoor leisure space, highlighting its investment and expansion. a subscription-based Overland rental service.

The featured brand in this new retail game is Divya Brown, president of Taxa Outdoors. Working with founder Garrett Finney, Brown is pioneering a distribution approach that brings their business closer to consumers while providing a more reliable experience for shoppers.

The summit’s inclusion theme will be hosted by Tiffany Smith, Chief Development Officer of Camber Outdoors, who will discuss the future role of diversity, equity and inclusion in driving responsible and sustainable business growth in the outdoor recreation industry.

Kim Miller, CEO of SCARPA North America, will share her goals and experience in launching the first year of the SCARPA Athlete Mentoring Initiative. He will share the journey leading up to his graduation in January 2022.

Jil Littlejon Bostick, head of diversity, equity and inclusion, and Katy Friesz, VP of Corporate Responsibility at Winnebago, will close the session. Both will share Winnebago’s vision to meet and build loyalty with more diverse consumers who are rapidly changing the definition of success in the RV brand.

World champion BMX racer, coach and psychologist Dr Jason Richardson will discuss strength-based leadership and executive sustainability with Jim Weber, CEO of Brooks Running and author of Running with Purpose: How Brooks Goliath Competitors outs the Pack. Final speech of the summit.

The inaugural Sea Otter Classic Summit is designed to bring together outdoor recreation leaders from the cycling, outdoor, endurance and overland/RV categories. This event will be sourced to inspire and show business leaders the path to responsible growth as they manage their brands to create positive impact in 2022 and beyond.’

Cycling, the outdoors, endurance and vehicle-powered adventure share a common consumer who will participate in the Life Time Sea Otter Classic presented by Continental immediately following the Sea Otter Classic Summit.

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