The idea of ​​Bitcoin was born in 1998

Bitcoin appeared in 2009 – as anyone involved in the field of digital assets knows. What if I told you that preparations for bitcoin began earlier, in 1998?

We have an affidavit in court documenting this claim. In the Norwegian Granath vs. Wright trial, Bitcoin inventor Dr. Craig Wright explained the whole story of bitcoin in detail. In his statement, Dr. Wright explained how he has been working on an internet-based payment and token system since 1998. The reason for his efforts was to find a more efficient system for settlements and payments that could be used in Australia. In the stock market and banks.

This short video shows the part of his testimony that mentions the important information.

Why is 1998 Important for Bitcoin?

In the words of Dr. Wright, we have a way to follow. Granath vs. Dr. Wright in the court case. There are many other testimonies that corroborate Wright’s statements. However, let’s try to follow the track ourselves instead.

For example, I found an interview conducted by CCTV News in 2014 that featured Dr. Craig Wright as a cyber security expert. This proves that by 2014, the inventor of Bitcoin had already been consulted by the news media regarding the code war and others:

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In an interview with CCTV News, Dr. Cyberattacks are economic attacks, Wright says, and there should be an economic benefit for corporations to better secure their infrastructure. This is interesting because Bitcoin uses economic incentives to protect the blockchain network.

In addition, Dr. Wright has been active in information security issues through GIAC. GIAC was founded in 1999 and specializes in technical and practical certifications in information security. GIAC page Dr. The documents published by Wright in 2007 can be found. For example, “Electronic Contracts in a Secure World” from 2008 is still available here. Wait, an electronic contract? Have you ever heard of Bitcoin’s smart contract capabilities?

Dr. Wright’s article Solving Double Spending reviews and discusses the academic evolution of electronic money. This article tells the history of digital payment systems to the authors since 1994 and answers how Bitcoin solved the electronic money puzzle once and for all.

Satoshi Nakamoto mentioned Bitcoin and IPv6 in 2014

One that really blew my mind was a video from 2014 where Dr. Wright discussed the combination of IPv6 and Bitcoin. At the time, Dr. Wright said:

Bitcoin is the foundation of a secure internet. In the future, we won’t have SSL, we’ll have IPv6, which provides end-to-end communication. And Bitcoin can actually be integrated into that now. Most people don’t realize this, but it will enable secure, firewalled, end-to-end mobile domains.

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That was in 2014, and for almost eight years – until now – nothing like this has happened. But recently Dr. Wright reached out to Latif Ladid, founder of the IPv6 Forum, and now experts discuss the benefits of IPv6 and blockchain integration.

The aforementioned testimony in the court shows that the idea of ​​Bitcoin started in 1998. as a professional at least since 2007. He foresaw the potential of Bitcoin and IPv6 before anything was done, but now.

Granath vs. One of the most important statements about the Wright trial was Dr. BDO. It came from Neville Sinclair, who worked with Wright. Sinclair testified that Dr. Wright presented BDO with a project called Timechain, and this was before 2008. The term “timechain” is an early description of what blockchain does – timestamping events in a ledger.

Identity is not a democratic vote. Not all the so-called bitcoiners out there decide who Satoshi Nakamoto is with a Twitter poll. You can read the whole story of Bitcoin here: How Bitcoin was saved.

In addition, we Dr. We recommend watching Craig Wright’s full court testimony:

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See: Dr. Craig Wright’s keynote: A Better Internet with IPv6 and BSV Blockchain at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention

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