The Internet “Hey there Delilah” sobbing singer surprised a boy with cancer

The surprise of a girl with cancer by her favorite singer Tom Higgenson has filled the Internet with tears.

The Plain White T singer visited Delilah Loya’s hospital room in Los Angeles to perform “Hey There Delilah.” The 8-year-old has been playing the 2006 song almost every day since being diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of nerve cell cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 700-800 children under the age of 14 in North America are diagnosed with this disease each year.

Photos of Tom Higgenson and his fan Delilah dating. At first, Delilah (right) was told the singer was writing a message for her via video, but then Higgenson (left) entered an LA hospital room to perform live.

said Delilah’s mother, Samantha, 30, of Baker, California Newsweek About the incredible meeting that has been viewed more than 15 million times on TikTok.

She said: “Cancer has robbed her of her childhood. She is not the little girl she was when she was 4 years old.

“He can’t do things other kids can do because his body doesn’t allow him to do it.

“Tom’s visit was an incredible and epic moment that we will all remember forever,” said Samantha. “He was very surprised and couldn’t believe it was happening.

“It brought pure happiness out of him. I saw a genuine smile on his face. It was beautiful.”

The visit was organized by influencer Isaiah Garza, who uses his platform to raise funds for people in need.

Samantha said: “Isaiah asked me about Delilah’s interests and I explained that she loved the song and was even named after her.

“He called me on the morning of Thursday January 12 and said Tom Higgenson was going to visit him. I couldn’t believe it.

“It was a special moment for the whole family. I probably showed my excitement more than he did at that moment,” she said. “We can’t thank Tom and Isaiah enough. I’m so grateful.”

Child posing with favorite singer
Photo by Tom Higgenson, Delilah and Isaiah Garza. After getting over the initial shock, the little girl posed for pictures with her favorite singer Higgenson and social media star Garza.
Samantha Loya

What is neuroblastoma?

According to the American Cancer Society, neuroblastoma is a cancer that begins in certain very early forms of the nerve cells that make up the nervous system.

Most neuroblastomas begin in the abdomen, either in the adrenal gland, small glands that sit above each kidney, or at specific points along the path of nerve fibers that run alongside the spinal cord known as sympathetic nerve ganglia. This type of cancer affects babies and young children.

Samantha said her daughter’s first symptom was leg pain. After two months of complaints, 4-year-old Delilah was sent for tests that confirmed she had neuroblastoma.

“We were told he had stage four cancer that had affected 95 percent of his bone marrow. The doctor literally said he would have to fight for his life.”


The American Cancer Society states that “most clinical trials for high-risk neuroblastoma (more aggressive and difficult-to-treat tumors) are focused on finding chemotherapy (chemotherapy) drugs, stem cell transplant regimens, immunotherapies, and other new combinations. treatments to try to treat more children.”

So far, Delilah has had about 40 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 rounds of radiation to her spine, lymph nodes, ribs and various bones in her body. Delilah received metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIGB), a compound that can be combined with radioactive iodine to deliver targeted radiation therapy.

“It’s hard to watch her fight, but she does it with a smile on her face,” added Samantha.

What Are the Comments Saying?

The viral video has 2.9 million likes and over 44,000 comments.

Many TikTokers were moved to tears, with one writing: “Wow! This made my day and made me cry. So many important things in life that need more attention than anything else we stress about.”

Another wrote: “So special. I’m so glad this happened for her. I don’t think people fully understand how much something from one person means the world.”

One TikTok comment has garnered 88,300 likes and reads: “This is so helpful.”

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