The Internet Is Confused About Mindful Conversations

Wasn’t it just nice to meet the families? we had FelixHis mother, who serves Bob’s arms, Alesia‘s father serving Rivers polo and participating CONSCIOUS CONVERSATION Damien and Jess. Did we enjoy it, my fellow citizens Bachelors? Because I did.

The producers were really shoving all the conscious talk stuff down our throats from the start. The episode literally started with his friend Damien telling Felix about it, and the people of the internet were READY for the big talk.

Clearly the fickle people at Channel 10 waited until the end of the episode to have a conscious conversation.

This meant that we had to keep hearing those two damned words for over an hour, and people soon got tired and wanted to lobotomy themselves.

We also got to witness Felix unleash his anger on Jess, the Mom of Bob Goals, and it was wild. The woman literally said “I want to go home” and first, the same, second, tell your truth! People were fascinated to watch it go like milk. It’s really bubbly.

Then the fan REALLY hit because Felix and Damien had a private conversation and then suddenly Jess was there with her brother and I’m telling you! Drama! Chaos! Intrigue! I hate to say it, but it was amazing.

And finally, the manufacturers Bachelors gave us the moment we’ve all been waiting for: conscious conversation.

Honestly, it sounded like every conversation Felix, Jess, and Damien had ever had.

I think at least, honestly, I’ve completely distanced myself from any love triangles going on and anyone talking in the same room. Benny Hill music starts playing in my head.

Anyway, conscious conversation has taken place, and Twitter has asked an extremely valid question: what is conscious conversation?

That question was left unanswered because the episode ended with Jess crying, so we’ll never know what made the conversation conscious. Maybe instead of proposing, Bachelors will have conscious conversations with the girls they choose. Talk about romance!

If you want to find out how the other family reunions went (spoiler alert: Alรฉsia’s dad reunion Jed You can read our amazing summary here.


Image: The Bachelors / Channel 10

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