The Internet is rooting for a teenage mother who ditched her sister for her daughter’s sake

A mother is getting support from Reddit users after she decides to kick her niece out of her house.

A post shared by u/throwaway2948928 on Nov 2 in the Am I the A******** forum has garnered over 7,000 interactions.

In his post, u/throwaway2948928 said that he lives with his 17-year-old daughter “Amelia”, Amelia’s 1-year-old grandson “Owen” and the child’s 17-year-old father “Raymond”.

He also allowed his 19-year-old niece “Stephanie” to live with him, but noticed that Stephanie treated Amelia unkindly.

u/throwaway2948928 talked to Stephanie about how she treated Amelia, but the problems continued and kicked Stephanie out of her house. u/throwaway2948928 has since faced backlash from other family members.

Above, a stock photo of a woman packing a suitcase. Reddit users are rallying around a woman who kicked her niece out of her house after she said she repeatedly disrespected him.

An opinion from an expert

LMFT’s Kevin Mimms said Newsweek that u/throwaway2948928 did the right thing by talking to Stephanie.

“If he would have added anything, it would have been to make clear the reasons for the request — the expectations and consequences of respect and kindness — that if you don’t meet those expectations, you can’t live here,” she said.

Mimms added that if the family gets to a point where he wants to work things out with others, he should remember why Stephanie was kicked out to protect his daughter.

“If he wants to fix it, maybe he can say something about how he’s still an important member of his family and that he loves him,” she said.

If Stephanie is pushing back, u/throwaway2948928 needs to maintain a boundary of being kind to her daughter and family.

“At this point, the responsibility of reconciliation falls on the niece,” Mimms said. “Humility and contrition lead to forgiveness, but hardness prevents it.”


In his post, u/throwaway2948928 said that his sister asked if Stephanie could live with him. u/throwaway2948928 agreed because it’s hard to find a place to live.

u/throwaway2948928 said: “I immediately noticed that Stephanie was weirded out about Amelia being a teenage mom. “She would make corny jokes and I immediately pulled her aside and said [her] that I would not tolerate any teasing.”

She added that when she hired a tutor for Amelia and Raymond, Stephanie said they wouldn’t need them if they were “responsible.”

u/throwaway2948928 said that Stephanie also saw Amelia take some of her clothes without asking.

“When we first moved in, I told him we wanted permission in my house first [taking] other people’s stuff so it pissed me off,” said u/throwaway2948928.

Amelia asked for the shirt back, but u/throwaway2948928 said Stephanie refused, saying she didn’t need it because it didn’t fit. u/throwaway2948928 said the shirt serves as motivation to lose some weight she gained during her pregnancy.

“We had a huge argument and I ended up packing her bags and calling her mom to come pick her up,” u/throwaway2948928 said.

Reddit reacts

Although she faced some backlash from her family, Reddit users came to her defense.

The best comment said that u/throwaway2948928 should suggest that one of the other critical family members take in Stephanie.

“Anyone who gives you grief about this can go ahead and volunteer to give Stephanie free room and board,” wrote another commenter. “You tried it and all it did was make a name for yourself and attack your immediate family with theft.”

“I know you are a great help to the family, but make sure they don’t mistake your kindness for weakness,” one Reddit user wrote. “If the tables were turned, would they open their doors to you or your daughter?”

Newsweek Contact u/throwaway2948928 for further comment. We could not ascertain the details of this case.

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