The Internet reacts Where is US Marine Paul Whelan?

WNBA basketball player Brittney Griner is finally back from Russia, but feelings are mixed because former US Marine Paul Whelan is still there after four years.

TEXAS, USA – Social media went into a frenzy after President Joe Biden announced via Twitter that Brittney Griner would finally return home after nearly 294 days in Russia.

Many had questions about the 1-for-1 trade for basketball player Brittney Griner for a notorious Russian arms dealer nicknamed the “merchant of death.” With former US Marine Paul Whelan, he retreated as a prisoner in Russia for the second time in four years.

Had some questions and thoughts to share about online trading and release:

Even Dallas Cowboys quarterback Micah Parsons was in hot water for his Tweet about Griner’s return:

He later recanted his statements and revealed he was surprised the trade did not include Whelan:

Many Twitter users echoed the sentiments above, questioning the White House’s trade choice.

For those who don’t know Whelan’s story, he was arrested in a hotel in Moscow in 2018 after being accused of espionage. According to FreePaulWhelan, he was convicted of espionage and sentenced to 16 years in prison. FreePaulWhelan is a website created by his family to focus on his story.

Whelan’s family has been working for his return ever since and shared their thoughts on Griner’s release Thursday. His twin brother, David, released a statement on Thursday Via ABC’s Jay O’Brien.

Even with these questions, many users celebrated Griner’s return as others offered their two cents on questions about Whelan.

Former President Barack Obama took to Twitter to thank President Joe Biden and the administration for their “diplomatic engagement” in Griner’s release.

Another user defended Griner and the latest comments he received regarding his release. By making a statement against those who have recently stated or believe that Griner does not love America.

Griner was photographed kneeling with his Indiana Fever teammates during a basketball game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in 2016. The photo was first shared on social networks.

After its release, some brought up the photos to justify their disapproval of the White House’s decision.

Other users have brought up the mutual truth that two things can be true at the same time:

What we do know so far is that, according to the Associated Press agency, Putin has not ruled out the possibility of an exchange with other prisoners of war. As we wait to hear the next chapter of Whelan’s journey, America continues to celebrate the two-time Olympic champion we got back.

As always, The Internet Reacts shares stories and reactions from the internet. If so, what are your thoughts on describing 1-to-1 trading? Or even the release of Paul Whelan?

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