The Street’s Favorite Internet Trends of 2022

This year, it feels like the revolving door of internet trends is coming and going faster than Julia Fox can say “Uncuht Jamz” — each with a shorter lifespan than the Miu Miu mini skirt that took over our feeds and made us believe it. this low-waisted khaki scrap was enough to cover up the embarrassment of reverting to Y2K trends. The online trends of 2022 have us acting like Patrick Bateman, as if we’re not just antisocial, lonely suckers too lazy to create a Hinge profile. Anyway, YOU GOT THE POINT! These internet moments come and go, and we can’t help but buy them – because what else will fill the endless void in our minds that reminds us that we’re like Little Chickens screaming that the world is ending and climate change is imminent. ? Without further ado, here are Street’s favorite internet trends of 2022.

-Natalia Castillo, Style Editor

Julia Fox

Can a person be a trend? If that person is Julia Fox, it turns out the answer is yes. She declared herself Josh Safdie’s muse when she wrote “Uncuht Jamz,” described her upcoming book as “a masterpiece so far” (she didn’t want to give too much away), and pioneered an iconic look featuring eye makeup. thousands of twink Halloween costumes. Fox knows it’s the second coming of old celebrities, but instead of rocking “Stop Being Poor” T-shirts (yes, the original was “Stop Being Poor”), it’s managed to stay pretty much rock-smooth. Ethical TikTok talk for coordinating photo shoots with the paparazzi. in an interview with High festivityhe says, “I might shoot a photo that will be reblogged a few times, and this designer will write their first post here. Vogue. Things like that fuel me because ‘I can do good with this.'” A real folk queen thinks.

-Walden Green, Print Editor

Avoid Fast Fashion Trends

Remember the swirly dress from House of Sunshine? Or a Prada reissue bag? Yes, us too…unfortunately. Along with many other micro-trends, these items have permeated the minds of everyone consuming TikTok content in the past year. It often feels like the platform has accelerated trends to the point where they no longer exist, replacing the traditional seasons of fashion houses and runway shows with short-lived promotional bursts and instant obsolescence. In a way, that’s a good thing—it means that personal style has come to dominate following a predetermined list of what to wear to be “cool.” Almost every decade is in fashion at the same time – from ’90s punk to ’70s disco to Y2K glitter – and as long as you like what you’re wearing, others will follow.

– Emily White, Editor-in-Chief

Stay Home Girlfriendetc

I felt guilty on the days I didn’t leave the house. I found myself lazy, even antisocial. But not anymore – now I’m an attractive stay-at-home girlfriend. Whose girlfriend? It’s not clear, but that’s not the point. This new TikTok trend stems from “Day in the Life” videos of childless women who live with and are financially supported by their partners, spending their time busy with complex self-care and household chores. Overall, it’s a pretty unrealistic lifestyle and can send an anti-independence message to an impressionable audience. However, it has taught me a thing or two about how to incorporate some alone time into my routine. Instead of seeing it as an act of avoidance, I see it as an act of self-care and a necessary break from reality. The stay-at-home girlfriend aesthetic is beautiful, please use it in small doses.

– Arielle Stanger, Assignments Editor

Celebrity Private Chefs

There’s more to this year than your average TikTok food video. Step aside, Buzzfeed Kitchen; Private chefs catering to the most luxurious Hamptons elite are taking over the internet. Meredith (aka Wishbone Kitchen) and Kara Fauerbach are two New York City-based chefs who document their experiences cooking for themselves and their clients. These two culinary geniuses, plus other members of the TikTok private chef community, post cooking suggestions, recipe videos, and their personal favorite, A Day in the Life of a Personal Chef vlog. This new group of content creators are blurring the lines between work and play, expressing themselves through the “eyeball” of farm-fresh produce and sometimes spices.

Kate Ratner, Music Editor

“Quiet” videos

In this short-form genre on TikTok and Instagram, we began to see moving textures of life’s most vivid and frightening moments in a sea of ​​”silent” videos. From glimpses of the rushing calm of waves on a moonlit beach, to low-lit images of rainy city streets, these videos depict moments of everyday life—shot in the dark—with feelings of hushed longing and yet respite. Richly paired with ambient, atmospheric or emotive music, they ask the viewer to beg for liminality, to seek nothing. As Gen Z’s desire to find a way out and “get away” with the onslaught of technology and social media grows stronger with each passing day, this genre has become even more meaningful. These videos are stripped of the buzz from pop culture, and over the years they’ve accomplished what an influencer couldn’t: they make viewers feel more in tune with themselves and their world. When Øneheart and Reidenshi’s “snowfall” or Patrick Watson’s “Je te laisserai des mots” envelop the viewer in the far corners and corners of our fascinating world moments, we begin to love and see the extraordinary artistry of the living characters before us.

— Tyler Kliem, Design Editor

Cute minions

There are many occasions that require a suit, collared shirt, or dress shoes. Examples include weddings, graduations, fancy dinners, or the fifteenth round of Wharton Club interviews. What about movie theaters? Not so much, that is, at least until this year.

Whoever looks Minions: Rise of Gru This summer, they were probably surrounded by teenagers in formal wear (or maybe dressed up themselves). For any generation Z Minions fans, the summer trend of #GentleMinions was as integral to the movie experience as the movie itself. Although there is no exact origin of the beginning of the trend, we can trace it to TikTok users who started dressing in fancy clothes. minions Main character and main villain: Gru.

Minions: Rise of Gru—A film made mostly of bathroom and fart jokes – not exactly a cinematic masterpiece. However, the original film in the franchise, mean me is a landmark for Gen Z, making this new addition to the franchise a silly and fun trend-worthy “event movie.”

— Jacob Pollack, Film and TV Editor

Existential Foodie

While scrolling through Instagram, I come across master pizza – I have never seen such beauty. A red sauce made from fresh San Marzano tomatoes covers the fresh, pillowy white linen and clouds of mozzarella decorate the bed of red. The flawless crust is crumbled to perfection – wait… what does the title say? “Will this make me happy? No.” Amazing food photography paired with highly existential captions has become my new religion, and I demonstrate my devotion to the faith simply by curating my Instagram feed to feature these ridiculously perfect posts. Food actually makes me think about it. how about what to eat for dinner if I have no idea what I want, then I’ll never be able to satisfy my growing appetite for love, and I’ll never settle down and be a lonely spinstress with 17 cats and the exceptional ability to knit matching cat hats. Unfortunately, until I find a new therapist, laced with a healthy dose of existential dread I will continue to treat myself with my daily cooking and instagram posts.

Natalia Castillo, Style Editor

Solo Dates

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we tend to lose track of simple pleasures: reading a book on a park bench, drinking coffee and people-watching, frowning like a tortured genius at a painting. Try taking yourself to a museum, bookstore, or corner coffee shop this weekend. Once you slow down and learn to enjoy your own company, things will get easier. I’m an expert: Before I leave the house, I like to sit in front of the mirror and gaze lovingly at my reflection. I have all the characteristics of a human being.

Irma Kiss Barath, Arts Editor

“It’s corn!” Child

Seven-year-old Tariq won the hearts of millions of online fans with two words: “It’s corn!”

In a now-viral YouTube video featured on Julian Shapiro-Barnum’s web show Respiratory therapy This August, Tariq confessed his love for the “bubbly big knot” – which he points out actually has “juice”.

The clip for the so-called “Corn of CEO” quickly caught fire. #CornKid has garnered over 475 million views on Tik Tok, with Tariq’s thoughts turning into a remix that has been stuck in the heads of every teen and twenty-something on the app for months. Midway through the interview, Tariq asks Shapiro-Barnum to look at the kobu he’s currently eating, saying, “I can’t imagine anything nicer.” And you know, I can’t either.

Hannah Lonser, Features Editor

Celebrity Podcasts

Just like everyone else who has a TikTok account, we are tired seeing a middle-aged man who reviews pizza and probably still lives with his mom, partying at college on the weekends, rocking out on a weekly podcast with an underdeveloped Justin Bieber (baby era) and a TikTok influencer (I watch). In you BFFs podcast host David Portnoy & CO). We can’t lie, though—who doesn’t love getting some celebrity gossip pounded into their eardrums between classes. We love to complain and drag them through the mud, just like our Monday morning run to Pret, but we don’t know what we’d do without our daily celebrity podcast.

– Natalia Castillo, Style Editor

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