The X-Men’s Cable Gets a Manga Makeover in Incredible New Fanart

Talented comic artist Marco Ferrari revealed the stunning manga adaptation of the X-Men Cable and Hope Summers, a truly perfect style for the heroes.

Talented comic book artist Marco Ferrari recently posted a truly gorgeous piece of X-Men fanartadapting cable and Hope Summers into a mango universe. Cable and Hope, two characters who are often grandiose in their weapons and fights, make perfect manga characters and translate beautifully into the style of Japanese comics art. While fanart adapting characters like Spider-Gwen into the world of manga focuses on the medium’s elegance, this one is all about grit!

Cable, or Nate Summers, is the time-displaced son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (but also sort of Jean Grey) who gained huge prominence in the 90s as the face of Marvel Comics’ big muscles big guns era. While Cable was a major part of 90s X-Force comics he regained popularity because of the critically acclaimed 2007 Messiah Complex story which saw Cable “kidnapping” baby Hope Summers, the “mutant messiah,” and bringing her into the future to raise her away from the dangers of the present-day timeline. Now, in the Krakoan Era, Hope is not a little kid anymore and has instead finally become the mutant leader that the X-Men and Cable had always wanted her to be, acting as the leader of The Five and a new member of the Council . A “teen Cable” was a major part of the first 3 years of the Krakoa Age but the older Cable is now back and working for Abigail Brand on SWORD, not knowing that she is secretly in league with the anti-mutant ORCHIS group.


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In a post on twitter artist Marco Ferrari, (co-creator of Patience! conviction! Revenge! and illustrator for Image Comics frontiersman) revealed the gorgeous piece of fanart commissioned by one of his followers, depicting Cable and a young Hope drawn into the world of a manga comic. Everything from Cable’s metal arm to his oversized weapon, to the pronounced height difference between him and Hope translate perfectly into the style of a manga, and Ferrari’s art is honestly proof that Cable and X-Force should be remade as a sleeve!

Marvel Comics has dabbled in the realm of manga before, such as with their ill-advised Punisher manga reboot. They’ve even brought the X-Men to the world of manga with adaptations of the X-Men before, like 1998s X-Men: The Manga, a manga adaptation of the popular X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon from 1992, and there was also an early 90s manga tie-in comic to the X-Men arcade game. Additionally, the early 2010s saw the release of Marvel Anime: X-Men an anime cartoon based on The Dark Phoenix Saga and Grant Morrison’s legendary run on New X-Men which was liked by many fans. Clearly, Marvel knows that the X-Men and manga crossovers work and hopefully gorgeous fanart like Marco Ferrari’s, or a recent fanart teaming up the cast of Sailor Moon with the X-Men, will encourage Marvel to continue investing in manga adaptations of their comics . However, there has not been a classic black-and-white manga depiction of the X-Men in decades, and Ferrari’s gorgeous manga-style works perfectly with Cable’s glowing eye, 90s aesthetic clothing, and the ridiculously big gun Hope is wielding.

While the X-Men in general works as a manga the specific choice of Cable and Hope makes the most sense, as their over-the-top characterization and Cable’s status as a 90s icon adapts perfectly into a mangoproven by how natural Marco Ferrari’s fanart looks.

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Source: Marco Ferrari – Twitter

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