This year we celebrate Safer Internet Day

  • We’re launching a series of educational campaigns across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to help give people the tools and knowledge to enjoy a safer and more secure internet.
  • These initiatives include resources for teachers, a mini web series for youth on responsible online behavior, updated parental guidelines for Instagram, and more. includes.

To celebrate this year Safer Internet DayIn line with this year’s theme ‘Together for a Better Internet’, we are launching a number of initiatives to help build and promote a safer internet for all.

in Poland we started Get digital, provides research-based lessons, tips and resources to help young people develop the skills they need to become responsible digital citizens. cooperates with the Children’s Empowerment Fund, NASK and UNICEFand those supported by the National Broadcasting Council resources are designed for teachers and families both in the classroom and at home. We are in the Arab region has been activated My Digital Worldis a platform Providing step-by-step instructions for teachers working with students aged 13-18.

We partnered with music celebrity couple Wahu and Nameless and creator Azzia Nasenya to showcase the role of youth in creating a safer internet in Kenya. His 15-year-old daughter, Tumiso, will partner with Wahu and Nameless to share stories on online safety tips and have a live discussion about discovering her talents, helping create online content, and how they are involved in ensuring safety. its online security.

With login On the Internet, we start the update A parent and carer’s guide to Instagram To provide parents and carers in Ireland with a deeper understanding of Instagram’s security and privacy features. Likewise in Italy We are working with local media to distribute what has been recently released Italian version of the guide.

In Côte d’Ivoire, we cooperated MTV Stop Foundation launching a mini web series to educate young people about responsible online behavior. The MTV Shuga Babi the special issue will tackle important topics such as cat-hunting, self-awareness, non-consensual intimacy and online relationships.

We will also soon be collaborating with The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), Children’s Helpline International and MTN Group in a campaign that covers 10 African countries and aims to build capacity to fight violence against children. In cooperation with Himaya, a Lebanese NGO, we launched “Report. Do not share.” a campaign aimed at preventing the spread of child sexual abuse material on the internet.

Our mission has always been to create platforms where people can connect and share their experiences with others around the world. But people cannot connect with others and express their opinions freely without feeling safe. Here’s a look at our latest security advances, including:

  • Start a new one child safety center and updated digital literacy program above Security Center enabling young people, their parents and teachers to communicate more safely online.
  • Help create new security resources, including new ones, especially for women women’s safety center and industry-wide a tool to combat the spread of intimate images shared without consent.
  • A new creation defense of the policy of violence and aggression against sexual harassment of public figures, including journalists and human rights defenders, and against coordinated harassment of all individuals to help individuals and public figures feel safer on all platforms.
  • Messenger has added a new “Restrict” tool to give people more control It lets you limit unwanted messages without blocking or unfollowing someone you know.
  • Messenger Kids is launched Hostage to the planetsan interactive in-app activity that teaches kids to be good digital citizens.

Our work to protect and support the people who use our platforms will never end, and we will continue to work together to create a safer internet for all.

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