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In a sign that cutting half the company may not be the best idea, “dozens” of Twitter employees who received notice on Friday were reportedly asked to return over the weekend.

While the move brings back only a small fraction of the roughly 3,700 people believed to have been laid off since Elon Musk bought the app and website, it appears to be a tacit acknowledgment of the world’s richest man’s decision to shut down the business. it was in a hurry.

Bloomberg spoke to people familiar with the matter, who said some of the refunds were fired in error, while others that were thrown out were actually necessary for the future of Musk’s $8-a-month fee for Twitter.

The SpaceX baron, who has surrounded himself with close friends and advisers on Twitter to manage the business, said he wants to be more visible on paid subscribers’ timelines and offer more long-form blogging through Twitter, among other things.

Like many layoff reports from Twitter and elsewhere, it’s been difficult to get confirmation of hard numbers and details, and this layoff recall is no different. We contacted Twitter, but with communications team has actually been removed, it’s unclear if our questions will be seen as such.

Twitter management seems to be in a bit of a panic over the weekend, based on what are said to be messages leaked from the company’s internal Slack workplace: after the move from the top, senior employees asked if they could pull the tweets. returns to help develop the product.

“Sorry for the weekend @- everyone, but I wanted to let you know that we have an opportunity to ask people. [let go] If they’re going to come back,” one manager told his co-workers. “I’ve got names and justifications together by 4:00 p.m. Sunday. I’ll do some research, but if there are any of you who have contact with people who can come back who we think will help us, please nominate them by 4 o’clock tomorrow.”

“I think we could use some Android and iOS help,” he added in the note shared first by journo Casey Newton on Twitter.

Forced to return?

Twitter’s layoffs are covered by the California and US Federal NOTICE Acts, which require companies that employ more than 100 people to give those companies 60 days’ notice, such as laying off 500 or more workers in a month. employees or 60 days salary in lieu of this notice.

Former employees have already filed a lawsuit against Twitter alleging violations of the WARN Act, though an email sent to Twitter employees may have contained a loophole that made the legal case difficult to pursue.

“Today is your last day with the company, but you will be employed at Twitter and receive compensation and benefits until February 2, 2023,” reads a copy of the letter, published by Business Insider.

“While you are not expected to work during the layoff notice period, you must still comply with all company policies, including the Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct,” Twitter said to laid-off employees.

It’s unclear what that means for workers who want to return. According to federal regulations in the NOTICE Act, “an employee has a reasonable expectation of being recalled when he or she realizes, through notice or industry experience, that his employment with the employer has been temporarily terminated.” he will be recalled for the same or a similar job.”

Twitter’s email to affected employees can be read to indicate that recalls are possible because the tweeps are employees until February, and alternatively, they are not because there is no mention that recalls are on the table.

It’s unclear how this will apply to recalled employees, but it could mean that making a fat counteroffer or refusing a request to return would cause Twitter to fire those employees without paying them for the remainder of the severance period. The term may also address the 60-day notice issue.

We reached out to the Department of Labor to learn more about the rights of Twitter employees fired under the NOTICE Act and how they relate to the recalls.

Finally, there’s Musk he claimed Since his takeover, Twitter usage has increased. According to an internal document, more than 15 million monetizable daily active users have joined since the second quarter of 2022, bringing the total to over 250 million, according to a report.

And finally, finally, there is the Tesla tycoon he tweeted although he has voted heavily Democratic in the past, for the 2022 US midterm elections, people should (in his opinion) vote Republican to balance out a Democratic president. An incredibly and sadly oversimplified approach in American politics today.

All the while, he continues to pull multiple levers and push as many buttons as possible in an attempt to reshape Twitter in a way that always makes everyone happy. ®

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