What advantages does Bitcoin currently have?

Bitcoin fell again this November with a two-day sell-off after Binance abandoned plans to acquire popular cryptocurrency exchange FTX.
This new unexpected drop came right after Bitcoin started to show a steady price recovery. The sale came as a shock to investors hoping for a miraculous return of the top coin. Bitcoin suddenly fell below $17,000, the lowest price for the cryptocurrency market leader since June.

At the same time, the entire market is experiencing a dip below $1 trillion as the inflationary earthquake continues to shake the world.

Investors are seriously wondering if Bitcoin is still a good investment or if the cryptocurrency giant could be eaten up by its bigger rivals.

Could this temporary dip in Bitcoin be one of those old “Buy the Dip” moments? What advantages, if any, does Bitcoin currently have over other cryptocurrencies? Or is it time to back hot new projects that are being snapped up by investors like Dash2Trade (D2T), Calvaria (RIA) or IMPT? We will also look at the hottest pre-sales available today – RobotERA (TORA); and Meta Masters (MEMAG).

The best coins with advantages over Bitcoin

Here’s a quick overview of the Bitcoin alternatives we’ll cover:
1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T);
2. RobotERA (TARO);
3. IMPT;
4. Calvary (RIA);
5. Meta Masters (MEMAG);
6. Tamadoge (TAMA);
7. Ethereum;
8. Litecoin.

Dash 2 Trading

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is the best presat coin of 2022 and has generated more than $6 million in revenue in about two weeks. The project attracts investors because it involves the launch of a real-time analytics platform with live trading data on the cryptocurrency market. The pre-sale has recently ended and the token is being offered at a price of $0.020959 on verified listings.

The pre-sale has ended, so you can buy currency on the first CEX listing confirmed on the LBank exchange. All this makes the project’s token D2T one of the best currencies to invest in this year.

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RobotERA (TARO) is a new Metaverse project that invites users to participate in a sandbox-like planet reconstruction experience. In this robot-populated world, users are also creators who can create land, buildings, or other robot companions.

One of the most exciting features of RobotERA will be a theme park where NFTs from other communities can be invited to participate. The project also plans to host an event within the RobotERA Metaverse, where businesses or large teams can organize events with global impact.

Users will earn a lot while playing either by farming sacred trees, selling NFTs or staking tokens.

This exciting new world TARO powered token is one of the hottest pre-sales of the year, available for $0.020 per token.

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IMPT is the greenest cryptocurrency project you can buy today, giving this new cryptocurrency some advantages over a big project like Bitcoin. IMPT plans to make the carbon credits market part of the blockchain, creating a space for their flow and trading.

The sustainable idea was so attractive to investors that they backed the project with more than $13 million in pre-sale money. The pre-sale is already over, so you can buy it on one of the trusted exchanges.

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Calvaria (RIA) is a crypto project with the potential to be the best crypto-gaming platform on the market. With $1.7 million in its first two weeks of pre-sales, Calvaria is showing some real potential.

This project stands out from the rest by focusing on game development and user experience, especially for investors who shy away from cryptocurrency.
This strategic card battle game built on blockchain comes with cards in the form of NFTs, which are special collectibles that players can actually own and potentially sell to earn from the game. RIA coins that power the project can also be invested to generate passive income.

Calvaria is currently available in a presale at $0.000037558 per token, but the price will gradually increase at each stage, favoring early investors.

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Meta Masters

The Meta Masters Guild is a web3 gaming guild focused on building a blockchain-integrated decentralized mobile gaming (P2E) ecosystem with a single currency, MEMAG. What sets this project apart from other similar P2E projects is its focus on the mobile gaming industry and its determination to ensure greater community involvement in game creation.

The first game to launch this project is called Meta Kart Racers – a racing game where players compete to earn Gems that can be exchanged for MEMAG tokens.
The project has been fully verified by Solid Proof and verified by Coinsniper to ensure complete security. The first CEX listing is planned immediately after the sale. Meta Masters is hosting a private sale offering MEMAG for $0.007 per token.

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Tamadoge (TAMA) is a unique meme coin that powers its own Metaverse based on the adoration of digital canine pets.

This great cryptocurrency project raised $19 million in a timed pre-sale and listed its first gaming NFTs, which are already selling fast.

In Tamaverse, players will have Tamadoge Pet NFTs that can be trained to battle other players’ pets, earning ‘Dogepoints’ and thus collecting rewards in TAMA tokens.

Tamadoge plans to list on major exchanges and gradually develop its gaming metaverse, which will provide ample room for the project’s value to grow.

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Ethereum has always been the best alternative to Bitcoin, especially now that Bitcoin has moved from its killer proof-of-work (PoW) protocol and completed the Merger. Ethereum is considered as the coin of the future, which is more affordable than Bitcoin at this stage, even though it is going down.


Litecoin is another Bitcoin alternative that is considered stable and investment-friendly. Litecoin is almost identical to Bitcoin, but four times faster and cheaper to acquire.

Advantages of Bitcoin in a Bear Market – Is Bitcoin a Good Investment Right Now?

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most popular cryptocurrency today and probably the most desirable coin an investor can keep in their wallet. Bitcoin enjoyed a year-and-a-half high advantage over other coins, marked by stunning prices, followed by an equally stunning three-month decline.

The unchanging benefits of owning Bitcoin lie in the utility of the coin. It is one of the first cryptocurrencies to be widely accepted as a means of payment. Despite the drop in price, you can still find places around the world accepting Bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin has been compared a lot lately to Ethereum, with Bitcoin lagging behind as its biggest rival prepares to leap forward in innovation. Ethereum is making major improvements, moving from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) transaction verification, which will make Ethereum more energy efficient and thus more attractive to investors.

Bitcoin has remained somewhat adamant against the idea that it should make a change and adopt an eco-friendly PoS. Bitcoin supporters oppose such a move for the security of Bitcoin’s bulletproof protocol.

Bitcoin is considered the most decentralized blockchain on the market. Its security has been one of the main advantages of the famous coin, which keeps it in the number one place of everyone’s interest despite its depreciation. The coin’s good reputation could be something that could help Bitcoin bounce back over time.

While Bitcoin is a momentary stunner, other new cryptocurrencies fueled by innovation are keeping investors busy. New projects like Calvaria, Dash2Trade and IMPT are swimming smoothly without sinking.

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Coin with better advantages to buy now?

Bitcoin’s volatility over the past few months has tested investors’ patience for quite some time. Eyes turn to other, more innovative projects, especially those stepping into the metaverse. That’s why coins like TAMA or RIA and projects like IMPT generate enough hype.

With all its upside, buying the bottom of Bitcoin can be a good idea if you have enough time and patience to wait for the giant to rise. For some live action seekers, coins like IMPT or RIA are a better choice than Bitcoin, as these projects generate a lot of interest in the community and break boundaries.

Now is the best time to get in on the action and buy hot cryptocurrencies before the sale. Coins like TARO and MEMAG are especially valuable because they are at the earliest stage before the sale where early bird investors get the most value.

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