What happened to Grant Wahl? In the wake of the sudden death of a US Sports Journalist, the Internet demands an investigation

The famous American sports journalist Grant Wall died suddenly while covering the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. News of his death came two days after his 48th birthday and hours after covering Argentina’s match against the Netherlands.

The journalist made headlines just weeks before his shocking death after being detained for half an hour for wearing a rainbow-themed shirt ahead of the USA’s opening match against Wales. Wahl shared on Twitter that security did not allow him to enter the stadium.

Now: The security guard refused to let me into the stadium for USA-Wales. “You should change your shirt. This is not allowed.” https://t.co/TvSGthMYq8

The reporter also noted that he was asked to change his T-shirt, saying that LGBTQ-themed clothing was “not allowed.” He later assured his followers that he was fine and was able to enter the media center without changing his shirt.

Grant Wahl’s tragic death was confirmed in a short video posted on social media by his brother Eric, who suspected foul play in his brother’s death.

Social network users were shocked and called on the authorities to immediately investigate the journalist’s death.

What was Grant Wahl’s cause of death?

On December 10, 2022, famous American sports journalist Grant Wall collapsed inside the press box at the Lusail Iconic Stadium in Doha while covering the Argentina vs Netherlands FIFA match.

Although the immediate cause of her death was not made public, suspicions about her mysterious death quickly surfaced online.

Eric Wall, the brother of sportswriter Grant Wahl, who died while covering the World Cup in Qatar, is asking for help. Grant was detained in Qatar two weeks ago for wearing a rainbow shirt https://t.co/lak0b1UZwa

In a video posted by Wahl’s brother Eric, the latter mentioned that he lives in Seattle and is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Eric said he was the reason his brother wore a rainbow-themed shirt to the stadium on November 21.

“I’m the reason he’s wearing the rainbow jersey at the World Cup.”

She later said her brother was fine, but said Wahl had received death threats before his sudden death. Eric also said that he believed his brother had been killed:

“My brother was healthy. He told me he had received death threats. I can’t believe my brother just died. I believe he was killed. And I’m begging for any help.”

Eric added that he spoke to Wahl’s wife, Celine, who told him that the journalist “collapsed in the stadium” while covering the match. He was reportedly given CPR and taken to hospital, but died at the scene.

“We’re still trying to learn. He collapsed in the stadium, received CPR, was taken to the hospital by Uber and died, according to Celine (Grant’s wife).

Football journalist Grant Wall, who was kicked out of the stadium in Qatar because of this uniform, died after collapsing during the Argentina match. His brother said on Instagram that Grant is perfectly healthy and believes there was foul play. twitter.com/i/web/status/1… https://t.co/t47C2XfuVl

Grant Wahl’s family has also spoken to the State Department about his mysterious death, and Celine has reportedly spoken with President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klein, and the White House.

Shortly after, US Soccer released a statement on Wahl’s death, saying the entire US Soccer family was “heartbroken” by the journalist’s death.

The team noted that Wahl’s “passion for soccer and commitment to raising its profile” have been instrumental in “helping to increase interest and respect” for the game in the United States.

US Soccer Statement on Grant Wahl’s Death: https://t.co/CBp1mCK1mQ

The statement also noted that Wahl’s “belief in the power of play to advance human rights” will continue to inspire. The reporter’s wife also quoted US Soccer on Twitter and thanked the family for their support.

In addition to his rainbow shirt situation, Grant Wall has often criticized World Cup organizers for the deaths and mistreatment of migrant workers behind the tournament’s infrastructure.

In one of his recent articles, Wahl wrote that there is no indifference to migrant workers:

“They just don’t care. “The organizers of the Qatar World Cup do not even hide their indifference to the deaths of migrant workers, including the latest death.”

According to reports, the journalist also recently suffered from bronchitis and insomnia and visited a medical center in Qatar twice. However, he said in a podcast yesterday that he was “feeling better”.

Twitter calls for investigation as it mourns the loss of Grant Wahl

Netizens are calling for an investigation into Grant Wahl's death (Image via Getty Images)

US sports journalist Grant Wall “collapsed and died” in Qatar while covering the Netherlands-Argentina match today. This comes just days after he was detained for wearing an LGBTQ+ flag t-shirt. This needs an international investigation, very heartbreaking. https://t.co/InIKujTy0s

Football reporter Grant Wahl, 48, was kicked out of the World Cup by Qatari officials a few weeks ago when he appeared wearing a rainbow flag. Today, he died while covering the Netherlands-Argentina match. It deserves a full investigation. Super suspicious https://t.co/O3Tueygram

And it goes without saying, I hope, but there needs to be a serious, credible, thorough investigation into who killed Grant Wahl. And *if* there was any foul play, at the very least it should be the end of major sporting events being handed over to inhuman authoritarian regimes.

I don’t know what happened to Grant Wall, but it demands an investigation, and I hope the Biden administration demands it.

This news of Grant Wahl’s death feels surreal! There should be a thorough investigation into what happened. Absolutely amazing.

This news about Grant Wahl is not alarming. Her brother’s video is heartbreaking and chilling. A full investigation should be conducted. And I’m afraid the consequences could be dire.

He was completely stunned by the news @GrantWahl…I hope there will be a full investigation into the incredibly suspicious timing of his death, especially given his criticism of the World Cup hosts.

I was heartbroken to hear the news of sportswriter Grant Wahl’s passing…there weren’t many people who knew sports like he did. Condolences to his wife Celine and everyone he knew. There will be an investigation. #WorldCup2022

Grant was devastated when he saw Wahl die. An autopsy and investigation into his death should be conducted. And not another second of football should be played until it’s over.

As tributes and wishes continue to pour in online, Wahl will undoubtedly be missed by his family, friends, readers, fans, colleagues and the entire soccer industry in the United States and beyond. However, he will be remembered both by his contemporaries and future generations for his creativity.

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