What is “Fiber” internet and do I need it?

Q: I was recently contacted by a company that is going to provide fiber internet service in my area. The company representative said the price would match what I’m paying now. What are the advantages and disadvantages of switching to fiber? Would it be better to wait until the company has been in the area for a while? Thank you very much.

– PH Shalimar, Florida

A: From where this Geek sits, it’s just a matter of advancing technology. The question you asked may have been asked in the era when everyone was on dial-up and broadband services were starting to make the scene in both Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable form. At the time, both technologies were available and stable, but not widely known by the typical consumer, and therefore there were many questions about them. Today, they are generally considered a solid, tried and true method of connecting to the Internet, although this depends more on the quality of the provider than the underlying technology.

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