What is Neuralink? Dissolving Elon Musk’s brain implant company

Elon Musk has many ambitious plans for the world: trips to Mars via SpaceX. “Everything Program” via Twitter. Brain implants that can transmit human thoughts via Neuralink.

According to Musk, this ultimate goal is one step closer to being realized.

Neuralink, founded by Musk in 2016, plans to implant devices in the human brain that allow people with neurological diseases to control computers or robotic limbs with their minds. Musk also said he wants to “achieve some kind of symbiosis with artificial intelligence” and perhaps establish a telepathic connection with the device.

Musk says human trials are expected to begin in 2023, pending regulatory approval, but the company has previously pushed back the start date.

Here’s what we know about the company’s brain implant technology and its ambitions.

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