What the Person Threatening to Kill Me on the Internet Should Know

I wrote a post on this site a little while ago about an incident in which I gained weight in the subway.

I was proud of the piece, proud of the risk I took in my writing, and proud because in its own small way it spoke to people who needed to hear it, other people like me.

When the story went live, I knew there would be people who thought the fat shaming was on my mind.

I knew people would try to convince me that this stranger commenting on my food choices on the subway was just making small talk.

I was ready for such comments. Even the opportunity to talk to people about subtle privileges excited me. I knew it would be difficult (and potentially selfish), but I was ready for it.

But I wasn’t ready for my article to anger someone and threaten to take my life.

And that’s exactly what happened.

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A day after my story was published on the site, Facebook informed me that it had disabled my account due to abuse, inappropriate content or impersonation. I’m still trying to log into my account after over a decade. There are countless photos out there, and a large part of my work depends on interacting with the thousands of communities I’ve created on Facebook.

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