‘What you did was disgusting’: Trevor Noah made Will Smith cry, ‘Emancipation’ star blasts internet after comparing him to abusers Brad Pitt and Gary Oldman

Will Smith’s life and career were turned upside down in a moment of anger and conflict, and as it turned out, it was a much more complicated matter than it first appeared. For some, an attack is an attack, and that’s where the line needs to be drawn – and rightly so, given how the public display of violence was carried out by a person loved, respected and revered by billions of people. But at the same time, he was a man emotionally torn by years of repressed trauma, and even though it was the wrong moment to announce. “enough”Will Smith took the stage and revealed the basic instincts that his facade of benevolence and kindness belied all these years.

Will Smith explains the Oscar incident in detail

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Trevor Noah breaks Will Smith Down For the audience

For his final performance, Trevor Noah called into his private show, which has caused massive controversy since the night of the 94th Academy Awards. When Will Smith flies in from Bhutan to chat The Daily Show, the show’s now-former host, leans into the conversation, deconstructing the emotions of a star who has lived more than her share of life in the industry and media spotlight. But somehow, even after half a century, the actor has managed to maintain his impeccable image as one of the most respected men born of Hollywood corruption; well, at least until the night of March 27, 2022.

Will Smith won the Best Actor Oscar night for his role as King Richard
Will Smith won in the Best Actor category King Richard Oscar slap night

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Trevor Noah tells a compelling story about who Will Smith was before and after the events of March 27th. For someone who witnessed the Oscar night sensation, Smith’s abuse was unforgivable. For someone like Noah, looking at the life of a celebrity outside the lens of media and controversy, a more humane story emerges, rooted in the decades leading up to the moment that led to the aforementioned unforgivable act.

“In your book, you talk about being very afraid of conflict. In your book, you always talk about being afraid of fighting. For me, watching that moment, I felt that somehow you were on the wrong side of the wrong thing at the wrong time. People have said some bad things about you and your family. You are human. [But] now it gets brutally bad. People think it’s all right… But I felt like this was the first time Will Smith was like, ‘Okay, this how do you want me to answer?’

For most of Noah’s monologue, Smith continues to nod his head in agreement, but at the end, he simply states that his past emotions are simmering in that moment, confirming the anchor’s theory, but: “I’m not who I want to be.”

Trevor Noah with Will and Jada Smith at the 94th Oscars
Trevor Noah with Will and Jada Smith at the 94th Oscars

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Trevor Noah ‘cries’ Will Smith after monologue

As the host of a satirical news show, it’s Trevor Noah’s job to deliver his unfounded opinions on the past, present and future. But the Will Smith episode is one that covers all three moments at once, affecting his life as well as his family, thereby enhancing Chris Rock’s image and reputation. And so the insightful analogy that Noah brings is this –

“You’re not him. I will be honest with you. I don’t think it’s who you are. I think everyone can make mistakes.”

In an episode of cheers and applause from the crowd, Will Smith walks away from what he says. “plane eyes” and sarcastically replies, “Now you’re making me cry!” But Noah isn’t done yet. As he goes on to explain why the incident has shocked millions of people around the world, he says:

“That’s why it was so shocking no Who are you. Does it make sense? […] What you did was disgusting, I’ll tell you that. I love Chris, I’m friends with him. I love you and I’m your friend, but I said, “This is bad.” But it’s not the same world. And so it was strange…”

Will Smith on The Daily Show
Will Smith at The Daily Show

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Will Smith is currently banned from Academy events for ten years and has repeatedly apologized to Chris Rock. His latest project Emancipation Focuses on one man’s struggle for freedom in the weeks following the abolition of slavery from America. The actor is currently filming a Nat Geo documentary Pole to pole Finds Smith traveling around the world from the North Pole to the South Pole. The release date of the series has not yet been announced.

Source: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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