Why is the Internet talking about the “butterfly haircut”?

No butterflies were harmed in the making of this hairstyle.

Some trends have to stay on the internet – I think we already have ‘that girl’ in his corner – but others are better off when explored in the outside world. Butterfly hairstyle is one of these trends.

Made popular by Swedish influencer and entrepreneur Matilda Djerfrefers to the ultra-feminine styles of the 90s seen in the likes of the hairstyle. Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford. It consists of glossy, long layers and full volume that gives the hairstyle a Hollywood superstar feel.

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As with other animal-related hair trends on TikTok, the name comes from the layers cascading outward like the wings of a butterfly. Hot, sexy and Scandi, this hairstyle is here to stay. I spoke to hairstylist Nina Lee of Sydney’s Extra Silky salon to reveal the allure of the butterfly cut.

What is a butterfly cut?

Despite the name, no butterfly is harmed in the making of this hairstyle. Instead, hairstylists use long layers that frame the face and come out on the sides to make the hair look like butterfly wings.

“It’s a great shot in long layers. Think mainly 90s, blow dryers. Victoria’s Secret models. I’ve always called it sexual layers before [the] she got a butterfly cut because it’s such a beautiful and beautiful way to wear her hair,” Nina tells me.

How to cut a butterfly cut?

Nina says that “you would come to the salon and [we would] give you a nice shampoo and hair massage. Practically, in [terms of] depending on your face shape and hair texture, we would give you several long layers to cut.

For thicker hair, your stylist can play with texture, volume, and weight to create a dramatic bounce in your hairstyle.

“What I also find is that there’s a lot of weight lifting from the hair, so the layers sit kind of bare and loose. Most of the photos you see are very light. It’s not heavy hair, so if you have medium to thick hair, but not too fine, we take a lot of internal weight,” she explains.

So if you’re like me and dread saying goodbye to a thick head of hair, remember that it’s all part of the process.

Is there a hair type that works best with this hairstyle?

The ’90s aesthetic of the butterfly cut means it’s the style of its time. It works best on long, straight or wavy hair, but a good stylist should be able to adapt the style to work for curly hair or curly adjacent hair types.

If the butterfly cut is something you’re interested in, discuss it with your stylist beforehand and find the version of the style that best suits your hair type.

The thickness of the hair is not a problem. Nina says: “Thinner hair can pull it off without texturizing, then medium to thick hair just needs some weight and a soft layer.

The color enhances the dynamic layer of the hairstyle. “If you had a color that added texture or was a little bolder like pink, it would show off the different layers,” Nina tells me. In fact, grown roots, balayage and different hair colors are your friends. Tones that create a sense of depth and weight work together to accentuate the butterfly effect.

Nina reminds me that “people’s massive love of drapes works really well with this cut,” Matilda Djerf fans and ’70s fans will agree.

Does the hairstyle require styling?

This hairstyle for Nina is for low to medium maintenance depending on your hair type and of course what you are used to.

I would say it needs to be dried to get that nice fresh, bouncy look. You’d usually do this right after you wash your hair when it’s really wet…it should last until your next wash.” Playing with hair tools like hot rollers or a blow dryer can also allow you to experiment with the intensity of the style.

Nina notes that a good trick for styling the cut for beginners is “to blow-dry your hair and immediately put on the curlers while it’s still warm.” Leave them overnight, let the storm settle, wake up and fly into your day like a butterfly.

Is there anything important I should know before my appointment?

As Nina says, “No. Just shake it.” Don’t overthink it, but “be open to taking your stylist’s recommendation as a take-home product.” Nina says it’s important to factor this into your budget, as the look requires a little more styling in the morning.

“I would suggest a mousse or a texturizing spray or a blow-dry spray. It will help maintain and support the style,” she says. These products make the style more accessible and give it the extra kick it deserves.

For more information on Nina’s hair practice and philosophy, head on over here.

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